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I’ve been taking surveys online for nearly a decade now, so I’ve seen a lot of survey sites. Most of them just waste your time with their “qualification” process that leads to no earnings on your part. Fortunately, I came across a site called Paid Viewpoint and I’ve never looked back since.

Sure, there are legitimate surveys sites aside from Paid Viewpoint, but I personally prefer Paid Viewpoint over the others. I’ll be sharing my reasons in this post, but first, I’m going to post my latest payment proof so you can see it’s a legit site.

paidviewpoint payment proof 2019
I was paid in under 72 hours after requesting my funds.


Always Earn Something

What I really love about Paid Viewpoint is that no matter what happens in the survey, you earn at least $.10. It doesn’t sound like much, but a lot of survey sites won’t pay you anything if you don’t qualify.

Paid Viewpoint doesn’t drag on the survey for 30 minutes before you discover you’re not qualified, either, you will know with 5 minutes. And you still get some money.


Short, Easy Surveys

Paid Viewpoint has a clean, simple interface and the surveys are the same. You only see ONE question at a time, rather than 10 or 20 like some other surveys sites. The surveys usually take under 15 minutes.


Frequent Surveys

At Paid Viewpoint, you can easily take multiple surveys a day if you stay on top of them. They are first-come-first-served, but you can usually find a survey to complete on a regular basis. This means you can earn something every day, even if it’s just a dollar or less. Hey… it all adds up.


No Points, Just Cash

Unlike many survey sites that give you reward points or some other form of reward by completing surveys, Paid Viewpoint pays you in real cash. I really appreciate this because I don’t care to convert points to cash. I just want cash.


Referral Rewards

You can also earn up to $25 per referral you send to Paid Viewpoint using your personal referral ID link. That means you can really leverage your income and build up a nice stream of extra income, even if just a couple hundred bucks per month. You earn those reward bonuses when your referrals cash out.

And it gets better…

Once you get 100 active referrals, you can apply to become a “Community Builder” and receive those referral rewards each time your referrals complete their surveys. That means no waiting until they cash out to reap those rewards!


Fast Payments

Paid Viewpoint pays out with 72 hours of cashing it out, so you don’t have to wait weeks or months to get your money. Simply request your money once you earn at least $15 and you’ll see it in your Paypal account in a few days. They also payout via Amazon gift card if you prefer.



I hope you now fully understand why I prefer Paid Viewpoint over other surveys sites. Please comment below if you use a survey site that compares to Paid Viewpoint, and make sure to provide your referral link. If you’d like to start earning with Paid Viewpoint, click the link below to join now.




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