February 24, 2020

10 Ways IBO Toolbox Can Grow Your HB Naturals Business – 100% Free!

I’ve been a free member of IBO Toolbox, the free social network site for business owners, since 2011. During that time period, I experienced some results here and there, but I didn’t use it very seriously. I just logged in occasionally and tried to keep my profile up to date.

The New IBO Toolbox (Version 3.0)

Just this month (July 2019), IBO Toolbox released their brand new platform, IBO3 (version 3.0), which is SO MUCH BETTER than the older platform. This new platform is so much more intuitive and smooth, not clunky and out-dated like the older platform.  It still has most, if not all, of the same features as the older platform, but it’s a lot more user-friendly.

According to IBO Toolbox, over 15,000 people came back to IBO in the first 24 hours of IBO3 release. I’m writing this post because I believe there’s a lot of new potential with IBO Toolbox with regards to building YOUR business for FREE.

Here are 10 Free Ways To Grow Your Business with IBO Toolbox:


Custom Profile Page

Your own custom profile page is where you can get as creative as you’d like. It’s the place where you can show  your personality, business, and feature an introduction to your brand. You can post videos, display your social media accounts, press preases, ads, and much more. THIS is the page members will see when they go to your profile.

>> Check out my IBO Toolbox Profile Page


Messaging IBO Associates

You are allowed to send a personal message to the members who become your associates in IBO Toolbox. Very similar to Facebook where you can message your friends. This is a great way to build new relationship and partnerships with people from around the world.


Free Daily Ad Posting

Free members of IBO Toolbox can also get 100 free credits per day to run their own ads, just by taking a minute to view another member’s profile and click a link. (Instructions are provided Credit Center link).


Business Link Listings

Under the “My Businesses” section, you can list all your business opportunities so that people who view your profile can view and possibly join them.


Press Release Tool

The Press Release Tool is one of the most popular free tools within IBO Toolbox because it really gets a LOT of attention to your posts. This tool allows you content to get crawled and indexed by major search engines. Your PR will also be displayed to the entire community on the Social Wall immediately after you post it. PLUS, all your associates will be notified via email when you post a new press release (very powerful).



By commenting on other member’s press releases, videos, and activities, you put your own profile out there to be seen by that member as well as other members who are viewing that press release, video, etc.


Posting Videos

Showcase all your business videos and increase your SEO for free within IBO Toolbox. This allows you to give your videos an “indexable” long link. The search engines will crawl and index your video’s keywords and member comments, resulting in better rankings for you.

All your videos will also be posted automatically on your profile and the Social Wall for ALL members to view, like, and comment.


Free Backlinks

You can list the links to your website articles or blog posts within your profile, further increasing your SEO and drawing more traffic to your links.


Referring New Members

Referring new members to IBO Toolbox is a great way to display your Profile. Your referrals will also automatically become your leads and associates, meaning you can contact them. This is a great way to build your business.


Social Wall Posting

The Social Wall is where all members can post their opportunity and get it seen by anyone who is looking at the Social Wall. Like I mentioned before, all the activities you do (posting PRs, videos, etc.) automatically get placed on the Social Wall, as well.



IBO Toolbox has all the same great features as before, but now it’s much more user-friendly and aesthetically appealing. Without spending a cent, you can use all these free tools and features mentioned above to build your brand, business, and team.

I consider this system as the best social networking platform for network marketers hands-down. It’s available worldwide and is 100% free forever.

>>> Join here and let’s start networking


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