3 Free Branding Tools for Affiliate Marketers

As an affiliate marketing, branding is EVERYTHING. Competition online is super fierce these days as there are thousands of people promoting income opportunities. It’s much more competitive now than when I first started out online back in 2009.

You must stand out from everyone elseif you want to build a successful online business. People should remember your face, they should begin to feel like they know you personally. Once people start to recognize you, they are 10 times more likely to pay attention to your offer and sign up to your list.

Fortunately, there are FREE branding tools you can use to really leave an impression on people and position yourself in a way to get attention.

The following are my personal favorite branding tools… no cost to you to use them!


Viral URL

Viral URL is a free site that offers so many features (traffic, link tracking, and more). Their cloaking widget feature allows you to cloak any link you wish and brand it with your photo, link to another site, and social media info. You can even customize the widget to your preferences  – choose the color and shape of the button, also where it appears on your page (top or bottom).

What I like about the Viral URL cloaking widget (and why it’s my favorite on this list) is because it also TRACKS your visitors AND the widget itself isn’t invasive on your page. I’ve had great results using this cloaking widget because it really pops and stands out. Get this free widget here.

To see an example of this widget on my page, click here.



Bweeble is a cool social email marketing platform that is primarily for traffic generation. However, their viral brand builder is a cool feature that members can use to brand themselves on any website they choose!

The viral brand builder can drastically increase your results because instead of just promoting your affiliate link by itself, you are now also promoting yourself. Plus, people will be able to add comments on your brand bar, follow you on Twitter, and ‘Bweeb’ your site if they like it! You can add special widgets, social media tools, and banner ads that will allow you to build multiple downlines just by advertising one link. Get the viral brand builder here.

To see an example of this viral brand builder in action, click here. I used it on an affiliate program I actively promote so you can see how it brands any page you promote.


My Viral Affiliate Site

My Viral Affiliate Site is an amazing free branding tool that allows you to promote 10 of your favorite affiliate links at once, plus brand yourself in an amazing way. All of these links, banners, and branding are displayed on the SAME page, so you can promote multiple offers at once. All you have to do is promote your My Viral Affiliate Site link to display all of your offers and branding.

I love how this site also works virally, meaning that all of your 10 favorite programs are displayed to the people you refer to the site, in their MVAS account. Also, if your referrals’ fail to fill all the 10 spots on their page, YOUR links will be displayed instead in those empty spots. Get My Viral Affiliate Site here.

To see my page, click here.



I hope you enjoyed learning about my top 3 free branding tools for affiliate marketers! Have you used any of these site? Leave a comment below!

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