3 Free Link Trackers For Affiliate Marketers

All serious affiliate marketers know the importance of tracking their links when marketing online. Blinding throwing time and money on random marketing strategies is neither effective or resourceful. You don’t want your marketing efforts to be a “hit or miss” situation.

Tracking your links allows you to see where your results are coming from, so you can scale up the compaigns that produce results and eliminate the ones that don’t. Link trackers can give you important insight on the following:

  • Number of hits your link received in any given time period
  • Source of the hits (your blog, email, traffic site, etc.)
  • Geographic location of the visitors
  • Length of time users spent on your website

A lot of new affiliate marketers struggling because they are not tracking their marketing and as a result lose money and get discouraged.

While there are effective paid link trackers endorsed by many marketers, you should also be aware of the free options available. The following 3 free link trackers have all been around for many years. I have personally used and tested them myself.


Leads Leap

Leads Leap offers “The Real Tracker” to help you identify important analytics, namely whether your traffic is unique and real. With all the “fake” traffic sources out there, it’s important to know if your traffic is fake.

LeadsLeap also provides insights on the duration of the visit and country of the visitor. I’ve been using LeadsLeap for years and highly recommend it. There NO cost to sign up and use this tracker. Sign up here


Viral URL

Viral URL offers a robust set of link tracking features for free members. Free members get 2 years of analytics including line graphs displaying total clicks, unique clicks, and conversions in different colors. Easily see conversion rates, plus indentify TOP traffic sources using the pie chart! Each traffic source is color coated for easy data collection.

Additionally, you’ll get insight into the last 10 referring URLs (links receiving the most views). Upgraded members get access to the last 100 referring URLs. Overall, Viral URL offers immense value for free members. There is NO upgrade required to use Viral URL. Sign up here



Bitly is an extremely popular link tracker offering a free version. Upon trying this tracker, I found the interface very clean and intuitive. It’s very easy to create a link tracker and the pie graphs are easy to decipher.

You’ll get information on the total clicks (filtered by date), referrers (source of the traffic), and location of each visitor. They also have a timeline feature so you can easily track trends. Plus, you can quickly share your tracking link on social media with the click of a button. You get all of this at NO cost. Sign up here



As you can see, you can gain quite a lot of data insights using 100% free link trackers! All of the free options above have free lifetime memberships, but upgrades are available with each if you desire more in-depth analytics or features.

What do you use for link tracking? Comment below!

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