February 24, 2020

4 Ways Having A Blog Can Grow Your HB Naturals Business

Many aspiring network marketers never make it because they don’t understand the foundation of marketing online, which is having a blog. While blogging is not absolutely essential to getting successful with your business, it really helps in many ways (read below). If you want to set yourself apart from the masses and really build a business online, you’ll need a blog.

It’s also a very low-cost method of marketing that, when applied correctly, can cause you to get massive exposure to your business while NO spending money on advertising (PPC, leads, solo ads, etc.) Blogging is one of the least expensive ways to grow your Heart & Body Naturals Business and, in my opinion, is well worth it.

Discover 4 Ways Blogging Can Grow Your HB Naturals Business:


Brand Yourself

In network marketing, people often partner with others they know and trust. Your blog allows you to brand yourself in a professional way with very little investment. Branding yourself with a blog showcases your unique background, experience, and skills to others. Building a brand sets you apart from the majority of other marketers, who are not putting in the time or effort to provide value to their audience.


Centralize Your Business

Your blog can be the foundation of all your content related to your HBN business. It’s where people can easily find you and learn about why they should partner with you. With a blog, you can provide your team with access to your resources, training videos, contact information, etc. all in one centralized location.


Organic Search Engine Traffic

Blogging can provide you with hands-off traffic and leads, simply by posting relevant content to your audience using keywords they are searching for on Google. This is a powerful, viral way of growing your network marketing business that really pays off over time – all while spending nothing on ads. It’s called ATTRACTION MARKETING because you are not chasing prospects; instead, they are finding you organically and making that decision to work with you based on the value you provide them through your content.


Create & Grow Your Email List

Having a blog allows you to easily create an email opt-in for people who are interested in your content and may want to partner with you in the future. Having a subscriber list is essential because they are the people you are actively building a relationship with; they know and trust you. They’re the folks who are the most likely to partner with you. Again, this goes back to the quality of the content you are posting on your blog.


Getting Started Blogging

If you’re interested in building a blog to help grow your network marketing business, I highly recommend Wealthy Affiliate as the ultimate blogging platform and content marketing training platform. It’s 100% free to join and you can remain a free member for life. I first got my free account in 2013 and then finally decided to upgrade in 2018 and take my business seriously. This blog you’re reading now is hosted by Wealthy Affiliate, in fact.

Read my full review of Wealthy Affiliate to learn more and see how even newbies can grow six-figure businesses online with content marketing.


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