5 Best Viral Traffic Sites for Free Passive Traffic

Viral traffic is essentially passive, hands-off traffic to your opportunity. Once you get the ball rolling with viral traffic, it picks up momentum and keeps growing exponentially. Viral traffic sites can cause you to receive thousands of free views to your opportunity if you. No financial investment required on your part.

If you’re not familiar with viral traffic sites, they are all free to join and they only work if you refer other free members (people wanting free traffic to their sites). The ways in which these viral sites work vary, but they all have at least 6 levels of downline that view your ads. Your ads get viewed by many levels of referrals, depending on how many people you directly refer, which can result in thousands of free views to your website.

The more members you refer, the more the viral traffic you can receive. The amount of views you receive also depends on the efforts of your referrals, their referrals, and so on. If everyone understood the power and potential of viral traffic sites, they would be promoting them!

After doing years of research on viral traffic sites, I discovered the best ones that I use and recommend. They are all 100% free to join. 


Leads Leap

Leads Leap comes with a 10-level network builder that allows you to reach out to 10 levels of your followers, resulting in viral traffic to your opportunity. With hundreds of thousands of members, you can get some serious exposure to your business. Join Leads Leap for free



Boasting over 20,000 members, Adviralizer has been delivering viral traffic to free members since 2011.  Once you set up your text ad, you then need to promote Adviralizer to other internet marketers seeking free traffic to unleash the power of this viral site! Your ad will be seen to 6 LEVELS of your referrals, causing you to receive potentially thousands if not millions of views. Join Adviralizer for free



Established in 2011, VtrafficRush has over 40,000 members. Add your banner or text ad to the system and start referring new free members to get your ad seen by endless visitors – 7 levels deep! Free members can rotate one ad, while upgraded members can rotate multiple text ads/banners. Join VTrafficRush for free

Real Viral Traffic at vTrafficRush.com!


Buckets of Banners

As a viral banner advertising site, Buckets of Banners can be the “passive” advertising system you’ve been looking for.  With an extensive network of banner partners, you can “set and forget” your banner ad and gain sign-ups to your business. You earn advertising credits from 6 levels of referrals! Join Buckets of Banners for free


Viral URL

Viral URL has been around since 2009 and has been delivering viral traffic to members for over 10 years. With ViralURL’s powerful viral list-building benefits, you can email your entire downline 10-levels deep. All you have to do is refer free members to experience the viral list-building benefits that can equal massive free traffic to your opportunity. Join Viral URL for free


Get A Replicated Viral Traffic Funnel!

To generate massive viral traffic, I created a duplicatable viral traffic funnel you can use to get hands-off traffic to your opportunities. This funnel includes all the viral traffic sites above and a couple of others. You can check it out here and start promoting the same funnel with YOUR referral links!

Grab your viral traffic funnel right now.



Viral traffic sites are free, simple, and powerful if used regularly. What has your experience been with viral traffic sites? Please put your comments below!


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