6 Types of Instant Pay Sites To Avoid

Just because a site claims to pays instantly, doesn’t mean it’s not a scam. There are several forms of scams in the online money-making niche, so it’s best to be aware of them before you invest your money. A lot of people are looking for quick solutions, and so people exploit that in many ways to earn a quick buck off unassuming folks.

Here are 6 Signs You Should Avoid An Instant-Pay Site


There Is No Product

This is a BIG one. If there is no product, it’s cash-gifting (illegal). An instant pay site should offer software, website traffic, a lead generation system, or something that offers value. In other words, you shouldn’t be buying a bag of hot air.

Beware of programs that only offer training videos as their product. This is really popular right now. They are dancing on the lines of cash-gifting and simply using training videos as their product (save your money and go on YouTube). These sites often get shut down eventually or rebrand themselves under a new name.


Paypal Only (No Payment Processor Options)

Ok, this doesn’t make a site a scam, but it does fall under the “avoid” part. Avoid any site that forces you to use Paypal, as this processor is not recommended for receiving instant payments from other members.  The issue is member-to-member payments as people may want a refund from you directly (since they are paying you directly). Paypal has been known to freeze accounts and money.


Cash, Money-Orders, Gift Cards Only

Since cash can’t be tracked, many scammers request cash, gift cards, or money orders only. You’ll never get your money back because you can’t call a payment processor and get it refunded. NEVER PURCHASE GIFT CARDS to pay for anything. This includes Google Pay cards. I know from personal experience (lost $300).


No Reviews, Poor Reviews & FAKE Reviews

If you Google the name of a site and see poor reviews or absolutely nothing, it could be a bad sign that this site is just a quick cash grab for the admin/owner. It’s safe to stick with more established sites that have a reputation. Even so, be careful of only raving reviews on a site as this can indicate fake reviews.


  • Research on Youtube for other people’s reviews
  • Google the phone number on the website
  • Google the website domain starting with www.
  • Google the owner’s full name (if available)
  • Ask around in internet marketing forums such as Warrior Forum


No Support or Contact Info

Always look for support info on the website. If there is just a form, try it out and see if you get a response before you purchase anything. If there’s a number, call and ask some questions. No support or contact info on the site is a big red flag that it’s a scam.


High Out-Of-Pocket Costs

If you come across an instant-pay site that requires you to invest thousands of bucks, it’s likely a scam. If the product is video training or no product whatsoever, the investment could start out low and progress higher.

Always be cautious of sites that offer several different levels of investing, such as $100, $250, $500, $1,000 and up! These are usually cash-gifting scams. What you’re paying for is just the ability to earn that same amount of money.


What’s Normal

Now that you’re aware of the red flags of scam instant-pay sites, it’s also important to understand that most LEGIT instant-pay sites will not usually offer refunds on purchases because they are selling software. This is completely normal, so be 100% positive you want to make that purchase before doing so.


What I Recommend

There are many good, viable options out there, but you have to be careful with instant pay. Do your due diligence!  I use and recommend the following 3 instant-pay opportunities:

Press 1 Cash

SMS Phone Leads

MLM Recruit On Demand


Please comment below if you have any tips or comments to add!

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