About April

I’m really glad you’re here…

Thanks so much for taking the time to read up on me and learn about my background, interests, and why I’m doing this whole online marketing thing! After all, you have many choices on who to work with and it only makes sense to partner with someone who resonates with you!

I am a free-spirited person who enjoys spontaneity, exploring, and discovering new things. However, most of my life, I’ve felt boxed in with limited options due to my financial situation. I never finished college because I lost interest, and then soon after found myself in low-wage restuarant jobs I loathed.


When I started online

My quest to earn income online started in 2009, when I was working as a waitress for a Pizza Hut. I had just quit college and moved to Chicago from Kansas with hopeful ambitions of starting a new adventure. I was a horrible employee because I hated my job and just knew there had to be more to life. So I went online and starting researching legitimate ways to earn money from home.

Fortunately, I only wasted minimal money on scam products (because I was pretty much too broke to spend any money), but mostly I just wasted precious time on surveys, paid-to-click sites, and other nonsense that didn’t amount to anything. I also quit my job thinking I was going to be rich soon with all my knowledge I’d learned about making money online…lol. Well, that resulted in getting evicted and moving back in with my parents, which actually happened 3 times in my adult life. I’ve had my fair share of humiliation and feeling like a failure!


I thought I was going crazy

Over a span of almost a decade, I continued wasting a lot of time just tinkering around with all these different affiliate programs, online courses, and program that led me to nowhere. Not because they were all scams or totally useless, but because I had information overload! I was paralyzed by all the different parts and pieces of the process and didn’t know how to proceed in an organized fashion. People around me also thought I was crazy to keep pursuing the whole online money-making career path… they thought it was a waste a time and full of false hopes.


Almost, but not quite

Although my goal was to earn passive income online, I was fortunate to acquire some online jobs that allowed me to work from home. I accepted as a contributing author to an online writing site in 2010 that allowed me to work from home for 2 years. Then in 2015, I started working online as an appointment setter for marketing companies and then soon after expanded my client base. All along, however, I knew my real desire was to earn passive income online and have true financial freedom!


Getting serious

In 2020, something hit me. I knew that I would never earn serious income online until I got serious about my business. I knew that whatever I was doing in the past wasn’t working. I wasn’t taking my business seriously and I was only attracting people who weren’t really serious and had no money to spend on their online business. So, I decided to start studying the six and seven-figure earners who were actually living the lifestyle I desired.

While my online business is still a work in progress, I am feel so fortunate to have all the knowledge I’ve accumulated over the past 11 years studying content marketing, lead generation, branding, list-building, mindset, and much more. These are the foundation of building a successful online business!

By the way, I believe everything starts with the proper mindset. I was operating from a mindset of lack and limitation for many years, which led to my lack of results in my business. I am always studying mindset because self-development is very important to me. And I prefer to surround myself with those who are always aiming to improve themselves, as well.

Interesting in working with me? Learn more about what I believe in and how I operate.

4 Replies to “About April”

  1. Hi April,
    I found your blog on LeadsLeap and
    can say it is interesting. I would like to ask you.
    What kind of paid advertising does work for you?
    If you use paid advertising more than free.

    1. Thanks for reaching out… I experiment with both paid and free. I do prefer free traffic through content creation like my blog posts and videos.

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