Best 1:1 Manual Traffic Exchanges For Free Members

If you enjoy surfing to get hits to your website(s), you probably want to get the most hits for your time spent looking at other people’s sites. After researching and using traffic exchanges for a decade now, I understand that finding the right traffic exchanges can be overwhelming since there are literally hundreds to choose from.


Why Use 1:1 Manual Exchanges

A lot of free manual traffic exchanges offer a 3:1, meaning for every three sites you view, you will receive one hit to your website. The better exchanges offer a 2:1 ratio, meaning for every two sites you view, you will get one hit to your website. But the BEST exchanges offer a 1:1 ratio for FREE members, meaning you will get one view to your site for every site you view. 

The reason you should use manual exchanges is that you will be receiving real visitors who have to click on your ads. Of course, some people will cheat and use software that allows them to not do any clicking, but most people will manually click on your ads.

The four sites below are my top 1:1 Manual Traffic Exchanges For Free Members:


Webmaster Quest

This manual traffic exchange has been around since 2000!  Free members surf 1:1 with a 20-second timer and can promote unlimited sites. Geo-targeting and keyword targeting are also available for members. They also have anti-cheating technology to prevent auto-clicking, so your sites are viewed by real humans. Join for free


Traffic G

Established in 2001, Traffic G is a well-established traffic exchange with over 500,000 members. Free members can surf 1:1 here and use Geo-Targeting to reach specific geographic locations. Join for free. Join for free


Easy Hits 4 U

Established in 2003, Easy Hits 4 U is one of the most popular exchanges on the internet. Surf 1:1 as a free member with a 20-second timer. Over 1.5 million members from around the world to view your site! Join for free

The Best Traffic Exchange



At 1-1Hits, free members get to surf 1:1 ratio with a 4-second timer! Free members can earn 30% commissions and upgraded members can earn up to 100%. You will receive 300 credits, 300 banner ad credits, 300 square banner ad credits, and 300 text ad credits when you join. Join for free



If you want to get the best leverage in traffic exchanges without upgrading to a paid membership, opt for 1-to-1 ratio manual exchanges that deliver one hit to your website for every website you view. Realize that 1:1 exchanges often have longer surf timers, as well, meaning your sites will get longer views per hit.


My Recommended Traffic & Lead Sources

If you want to check out my full list of recommended traffic and lead sources, click here now. Most are free to join and use.


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