Free Passive Income System: Affiliate Wealth Maximizer

In September 2018 I launched my first membership site called Affiliate Wealth Maximizer, which is a free passive income downline builder featuring 100% affiliate programs only.

My goal was to provide a way for anyone to earn passive income online without having to pay anything. All the sites within Affiliate Wealth Maximizer are 100% free to join and don’t require any upgrading to earn passive income.

From my personal experience, passive income is a great long-term strategy for building wealth. Long-term is the key word here. You won’t earn fast cashflow with these sites, which is why I use Affiliate Wealth Maximizer alongside my instant cash programs that provide upfront commissions.

If you’re looking for true online success, you’ll have to find a balance between long-term passive income and higher-ticket upfront income opportunities. This is a lesson that I took MANY years to discover and accept. I spend literally 10 years on free affiliate programs and never earned much online.

Affiliate Wealth Maximizer is perfect for people who don’t have money to invest in an instant cash/high-ticket program yet, but still want to earn online plus anyone who want to build long-term passive income in their wealth portfolio.

With AWM, you can grow over 15 streams of passive income (all free to join) simultaneously and add 5 of your own favorite opportunities to be seen by your referrals.

Here’s how AWM works:

Step 1:  You sign up for free and join all the passive income affiliate programs for free. You are welcome to upgrade in any that you choose or buy advertising if you want (not required).

Step 2:  It’s important that you plug in your referral IDs into the downline builder before you start promoting AWM.

Step 3:  When you promote AWM (affiliate tools are provided), your referrals will join the passive income programs in the downline builder under you (if you have plugged in your referral IDs). When they upgrade in the programs or purchase advertising, you will earn passive income.

Step 4:  If your referrals start promoting AWM without joining all the passive income streams and plugging in their referral IDs, their referrals will sign up under YOU and potentially earn you $$. This can continue many levels deep, depending on how many referrals are actively promoting and plugging in their referral IDs.

All of this is 100% and requires NO investment at any time.

Join Affiliate Wealth Maximizer now and start leveraging the power of passive income!

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