Free Affiliate Marketing Training

Affiliate marketing is my #1 recommended way to earn online because of the low investment and the high income potential. If you’re new to earning online or affiliate marketing, please read this entire page. You will get a lot of value from this info. Don’t go out and purchase an expensive course when you can get the information for free!


Your Interests = Online Profits

I absolutely love affiliate marketing because it allows essentially anyone, anywhere in the world, to turn their passions or interests into profits… without having the large overhead required in a traditional business. You won’t find a lower-cost way to start an online business than affiliate marketing… if so, please comment below and share it with me!

I am a firm believer in living a self-sufficient lifestyle and utilizing the internet to achieve a freedom lifestyle. I also believe in being resourceful and not wasting money. That’s why I did a ton of research in the beginning and, although I struggled many years to earn money, I fortunately did not waste much money on bogus training products!


The Truth…

So many online “gurus” are creating courses on how to earn money online and selling them for thousands of dollars. Do NOT fall for these fly-by-night scams that are often cash-gifting schemes for internet marketers selling high-ticket products! Most of these programs and courses are here today and gone by next year!

Wealthy Affiliate is an exception! They’ve been around since 2005 and they teach you everything you need to know about starting a thriving online business based around your own interests and passions. It’s so much more than training, though… it’s a global network of affiliate marketers, bloggers, and online business owners who all have the same goal in common: to create a lifestyle of freedom with an online business.


And you can get your account 100% FREE!

Yes, you can remain a free member for LIFE! Not only do you get step-by-step training on how to choose a niche, set up a blog, create content, etc., you can also impliment all the training lessons and start earning money with your own blog hosted by Wealthy Affiliate! This blog is hosted there and I wouldn’t have it any other way. It’s truly all-inclusive with online business training, blog hosting, supportive community network, and more.

I started out as a free member of the Wealthy Affiliate Community in 2013 and never upgraded until five years later… in 2018! What stood out to me was that I could create two blogs (as a free member) on their free sub-domain and just experiment with ideas. You never have to upgrade to a premium member if you don’t want to.


My Experience

I was actually a free member at Wealthy Affiliate from 2013 to 2018 (never paid a cent)!

Once I took that leap of faith and upgraded to the Premium membership in 2018, everything opened up for me. The first month of the Premium membership (optional) is only $19! I immediately dived into the newly unlocked training sessions and started implementing the lessons. Here is a brief overview of what’s covered in the lessons at Wealthy Affiliate:

  • How to earn money online with affiliate marketing
  • How to find a profitable niche based on your interests
  • How to build and set up your own niche website
  • How to find keywords
  • How to create keyword-rich content that ranks in search engines
  • How to use affiliate programs to monetize your website
  • How to master social engagement

…. and so much more


Step-By-Step Training

All the training is set up in a step-by-step fashion to completely eliminates overwhelm and confusion. You can just check-off the tasks you’ve completed and move on to the next lesson. Kyle, the owner, walks you through each step in the video lessons, showing you exactly how to start your own online business using actionable steps. It’s completely newbie-friendly, so anyone can build a profitable online business from the ground up!


Live Events

Available to Premium members, Live Events are held several times per month to keep you educated on online business topics to help you grow your online business. Some examples include:

  • SEO
  • Marketing
  • Content Research Strategies
  • Pinterest Pins
  • Tracking & Scaling Conversions
  • Automation Strategies
  • and much more


Supportive Community

The Wealthy Affiliate community alone is the reason many free members upgrade. There are over 1.5 million members from around the world sharing their personal journeys and experiences with their online businesses! So many members are waiting to help answer any questions, so you never feel alone in the process. The owners, Kyle and Carson, are also active in the community and post regularly.

  • Live Chat
  • Help Center
  • Dashboard



Premium Hosting

Free members can host two websites on the SixRubix sub-domain, while Premium members can host 50 website (25 on personal custom domains and 25 on free sub-domains). All members get superior WordPress hosting on an extremely secure platform with powerful servers.

Here are some features…

  • Managed WordPress hosting
  • Average page load time is 1.3 seconds
  • Double-hosting ensures your site is always up
  • Enterprise security
  • Back-ups every 24 hours
  • Tech support will restore your site if you accidentally mess something up
  • Tech support is available 24/7 to help you with ANYTHING related to your site (this is one reason I love Wealthy Affiliate)


Start Your New Journey

With over 1.5 million members (both free and Premium) from around the world, it’s obvious the Wealthy Affiliate community is thriving. Why? Because the value is simply unparalleled. My only regret was remaining a starter member for five years!

If you want to build a profitable online business around your passions, interests, and lifestyles… you can’t go wrong with this platform. There is literally NO cost to become a member and just try it out.


Starter Membership (100% free forever)

  • Ability to host two free website (using the SiteRubix sub-domains)
  • Access to 12 WordPress themes
  • Virus & malware protection
  • Ability to live chat with the community for 7 days
  • Access to Level 1 (10 lessons) of the Online Entrepreneur Certification
  • Access to Affiliate Bootcamp training (10 lessons only)
  • High-speed website hosting
  • Limited access to Jaaxy keyword tool (30 searches only)
  • Earn $11.75 recurring monthly commissions for every referral who upgrades to Premium


Premium Membership ($19 for first month, $49 monthly or $359 yearly)

  • Ability to host 50 websites (25 custom domains and 25 free sub-domains)
  • Access 3,000 WordPress themes
  • Unlimited live chat and community access
  • Priority tech support (usually responds within minutes)
  • Unlimited access to Jaaxy keyword tool (unlimited searches)
  • Unlimited niche and competitor research
  • Full access to Online Entrepreneur Certification (50 lessons)
  • Full access to Affiliate Bootcamp (70 lessons)
  • Website monitoring and support
  • Access to SiteContent Builder
  • Access to Plugins
  • Access to SiteComments
  • Access to SiteFeedback
  • Live training with Kyle and Carson (owners)
  • Earn $23.50 recurring monthly commissions for every referral who upgrades to Premium
  • and much more


Here’s a comparison chart:


Join Wealthy Affiliate Today & Start Your Free Online Business Training

Wealthy Affiliate is 100% free to join and you will get a solid understanding of how to build a successful online business from the start. Established in 2005, Wealthy Affiliate offers training, website hosting, technical support, and the ability to earn recurring income.