Get Paid To Travel Abroad: 7 Ideas for the Free-Spirited

Many of us free-spirits who fantasize about traveling the world have been stopped short with the dreaded reminder that it takes money to enjoy all those wonderful experiences abroad. But what if… you could actually get paid to travel abroad? This is a dream for many people who have always wanted to explore different cultures around the world, but have been held back by lack of funds.


Work On A Cruise Ship

Also known as floating resorts, cruise ships provide amazing opportunities to travel and have unforgettable adventures throughout the Caribbean, Mediterranean, and many other regions. There are many benefits of working on a cruise ship including…

  • Ability to meet new people
  • Ability to see many new places
  • Free medical insurance
  • Contract work terms
  • Discounted cruise vacations for friends and family members
  • and much more…

There are lots of different positions available on cruise ships, so you’ll never run out of work. However, working on a cruise ship isn’t all partying and sun-bathing. Crew members are often required to work long hours and often have to share living quarters with other crew members.

Be careful of the scam cruise job postings that require you to pay money. View the official Royal Caribbean International hiring partners website to learn about the many opportunities available on the world’s largest cruise line.


Become A Cruise Vacation Specialist

Although travel booking websites are making general travel agents obsolete, cruise agents are very relevant. People are willing to pay cruise specialist to help them plan entire cruise vacations. Many cruise specialists focus on specific vacation destinations such as Costa Rica, Alaska, etc. Cruise agents can help clients with many details of a cruise trip including offering incredible deals they can’t find elsewhere, helping them select the appropriate travel protection, choosing specific excursions, and more.

Cruise vacation specialists sell vacation experiences!

Benefits of being a cruise vacation specialist include…

  • Be self-employed
  • Free and significantly-reduced vacations
  • Lots of travel perks
  • Earn money many ways including from air packages, travel protection, tours, cruise packages, and more.
  • Create your own schedule and income
  • Help others create lifelong memories they will cherish forever

Cruises Inc. is recognized as the top travel agency business opportunity in the industry. This award-winning company has been around since 1982 and provides full training with no previous experience required. Many agents with Cruises Inc. specialize in a certain region of the world and really do quite well in this business.

become a vacation specialist


Become A Freelance Travel Writer

Freelance travel writing isn’t just a dream job, it is a reality for many adventure-seekers around the world. As a freelance writer, you can pretty much do whatever you want, whenever you want. Of course, you have to have a passion for writing and understand what editors are looking for in their travel publications. Here are some more benefits of being a travel writer…

  • Ability to create your own schedule
  • Ability to follow your passion
  • Ability to choose your own trip and adventures
  • Get your work published in magazines and other publications

New travel writers have to learn to build a portfolio and pitch proposals to editors of travel publications, so it’s best to keep a steady job while you pursue your travel writing career. Read more about how to increase your chances at succeeding as a travel writer (it can be tough competition). Above all, you must be INTERESTING and UNIQUE.

In all honesty, travel writing is often a difficult career to break into. Read The Seven Myths of Being A Travel Writer from Most travel writers really struggle to earn significant money and have to keep their “day jobs”, but you can still get paid to travel abroad as a writer. Here are 34 Travel Magazines And Websites That Pay Freelance Writers.


Become A Travel Photographer or Videographer

Merge your creativity and sense of adventure with a career in travel photography or videographer abroad. Websites, books, travel brochures, magazines, etc. all need images. Video is also growing in popularity as resorts, restaurants, and tourism companies begin to use footage for marketing purposes. Businesses abroad are often willing to pay thousands for quality footage of their recreational activities, amenities, etc.

As with travel writing, your images and videos must be original and high-quality for you to succeed in this industry. You also have to make your shots stand out, find your specialty (or niche), and really hone your skills before you can expect to earn serious money. It’s really all about your client and their vision, unless you want to sell your photos to stock image sites online for a royalty.

Some benefits of becoming a travel photographer or videographer are…

  • New and interesting destinations for each project
  • Free resort stays, dining, and recreational activities (if businesses are your clients)
  • Ability to really unleash your creativity and artistic skills
  • Get your photos published in major travel magazines
  • Have your videos showcased on company websites or social media pages

Here’s a great collection of articles about how to become a travel videographer. As I mentioned, this is a growing industry that can be quite lucrative if you have videography skills and an understanding of how to get clients.

get paid as a travel photographer abroad


Become An Instructor

Do you have skills you love sharing with others? You could get paid to be an instructor abroad. Depending on where you want to visit abroad, you can share many valuable skills and help others around the world. For example, here are some types of instructors needed…

  • Surf
  • Scuba
  • Yoga
  • Personal training
  • Snowboard
  • Music
  • Art
  • English / other languages

You don’t necessarily need to have a formal degree to teach abroad, except if you want to become an English instructor (and not always!). Read 6 Ways to Become a Teacher Abroad for more details on the teaching aspect. A lot of programs will also pay for your airfare and housing on top of a salary wage. You can post your resume and search of teaching opportunities abroad at Dave’s ESL Cafe.

As far as other instructor opportunities, you can start your own business and create your own classes. Travel around the world with your business and create your own income. There are many online certification programs you can take depending on your industry. If you prefer the stability of an instructor job, check out the job board.

Teaching abroad can be very rewarding while fulfilling your quest for adventure.


Start A Niche Blog

If you’d love to generate passive income online that pays you no matter where you go, when you’re sleeping, and even if you decide not to work for a month, you may want to start a niche blog. There are bloggers around the world earning thousands per week and much more… the sky is truly the limit! You pick a niche (topic) that you truly enjoy and love to write about, then create a blog around that specific topic. The revenue is actually generated from affiliate links on your blog or your own products (courses, ebooks, etc.).

It can be confusing pieces all the different elements of profitable niche blogging together, so I highly recommend joining Wealthy Affiliate (it’s free) to learn how to discover your niche, set up your blog, find affiliate programs, and get traffic to your blog. I’ve personally been a member for five years and it’s one of the biggest assets in my life.

Read my full review of Wealthy Affiliate.

Here are some benefits of starting a niche blog…

  • Complete freedom and flexibility
  • Focus on your passions and interests
  • Earn passive income while you sleep
  • Unlimited income potential (there’s no limit online)
  • 100% your own business
  • Sell your niche blog in the future if you desire

become a niche blogger


Network Marketing

Yes, network marketing is still a viable option to getting paid while traveling abroad. You can leverage the power of networking and internet marketing to grow huge downlines and earn passive income. The problem with many network marketing companies is they have products that are easily available in retail stores and they make it difficult for average people to earn money. Not CTFO! They are the only network marketing company that has totally changed everything up!


  • Is 100% free to join
  • Has no required monthly fees or autoships
  • Offers consumable CBD & non-CBD products that people keep re-ordering monthly
  • Give you several FREE websites to start promoting immediately
  • Pays weekly (every Wednesday) – 4 different ways!

You can totally travel the world while getting paid with CTFO.  Read my full review of CTFO here!




I hope you’ve received some ideas or inspiration from this list of ways to get paid to travel abroad. These are just a few ideas… there are probably many other ways! It’s never too late to pursue your dreams of traveling abroad. Don’t let lack of money get in the much as there are so many options now because of the internet.

If you have any other free-spirited ideas or personal experiences with earning money abroad, please comment below!


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