5 Factors to Consider When Choosing An Instant Pay Program to Promote

Instant pay programs are circulating the internet offering a way to earn instant commissions online. Should you trust these resell opportunities? Are they viable or just a waste of your money?

Promoting instant pay programs can be very lucrative and the fact you don’t have to wait to get your money is very appealing to many people. However, just like with any online marketing program, I recommend doing your research and digging into these opportunities before you  invest your money.

Consider the following factors before you go out and spend money on a program to ensure you’re not wasting your money.


Which Product Do You Need Or Can Use?

First, does it offer a viable product?? I highly recommend choosing a that you will be able to benefit from for your business. This way, the worst-case scenario is that IF you don’t make any sales, you can still use the software or system for your business. I try to stay away from the ones that only sell training products and stick with ones offering a real service like this automated text responder software that pays instant $200.


What Are Your Income Goals?

Another way to choose the best instant pay opportunity is to determine your income goals and work back from there. Then you can determine how many sales you’ll need to make to reach those goals. From that point, you can choose an opportunity that allows you to meet those goals.

For example, if your goal is to earn $100 per day online, you can reach your goal with just 1 sale daily if you will earn $100 per sale. If you’re earning $50 per sale, you’ll have to make 2 sales per day. This can help you determine how much you want to earn per sale and then find an opportunity that pays around that amount.


How Does It Pay?

All products are different and have varying ways of receiving commissions. In my opinion, the best ones allow you to choose the method by which you’re paid. They are called direct member-to-member programs. With these programs, nobody touches you money. No middleman.


Can You Market It?

This is really important! Can you market the product? Is there even a demand for it? You don’t want to invest in a program that nobody else needs or cares about. Another thing is do you believe in the product or service? I cannot promote something I don’t believe, like even if I try.


How Long Has It Been Around?

Unfortunately, a lot of online programs are here today and gone next week. They may only last a year. Take for example The Fearless Momma, it was a hot instant pay program that almost all the big wigs online were promoting. Critics said it was just a cash-gifting scheme with no real product or value. Now the site is closed.



I strongly recommend considering all these factors above into your decision on which instant pay program to move forward with, to avoid regrets and wasted money. If you’re looking for an instant pay product to promote and earn direct commissions, this is my #1 recommendation.


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  1. Hi April,
    I visit your blog often times because most of your product reviews.
    Is press1cash a legit program? Please if you can, enlighten more on that.

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