How to Create Unlimited Custom HTML Banners for Free

If you’re promoting banner ads on safelists, traffic exchanges, banner exchanges, your blog, or anywhere online, you’ll want to learn about this cool free tool I’m about to share with you.


Why Create Your Own Banners?

While most affiliate programs provide you with html banner ads to promte, some do not. You may also want to use banner ads to promote your own report or just create your own custom banner ads that stand out from other marketers. After all, many marketers just use the banners provided, so those banners are being shown over and over thousands of times. This can greatly reduce click-through-rates because people already know what the site it!

Creating a custom banner ad creates curiosity because people don’t know what you’re promoting until they click on the banner! Therefore, you can get higher click through rates with custom banner ads.

In any case, if you’re looking for a way to create html banners for free (and easily), I want to share with you a site I’ve been using for many years now. It’s called Instant Banner Creator. Now you can create your own professional-looking banner ads in just minutes (even seconds).


Easy To Use (NO Tech Skills Required)

Designing graphics that rock is time-consuming  even if you have the talent, and let’s face it,  most of us don’t. And today, if your site doesn’t have laser-sharp bold graphics, it’s not going to get your prospects’ attention. Instant Banner Creator just cured all your  graphics headaches.

Creating these graphics can’t be made any easier.  You point… you click… you are done! You don’t
have to know Photoshop, Flash, or anything more complicated than operating a web browser to design high-performing banners, buttons, headers etc.

And here’s the kicker… Instant Banner Creator is free to join, and they even host you images for you.


How To Create HTML Banners Quickly

Watch me create a banner really easily… in just a minute or two!


Free Versus Upgraded Membership

I’ve been a free member for many years and never have upgraded. I don’t use all that many banner ads, so never felt the need to upgrade. However, the upgraded membership allows you to:

  • Host hundreds of banners (there is a limit on the free membership)
  • Access more banner templates, images, fonts, and graphics
  • Create animated banners
  • and much more!

If you don’t create banners very often and just want to create a simple banner once in a while, I’d say the free membership is sufficient. However, if you create tons of graphics and want more customizations and templates, the upgrade may be the best option.

Grab your free membership today!


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