How To Earn $2 Per Free Lead Opt-In with James Jordan’s Affiliate Program

Pay per lead or CPA (cost per action) marketing is one of the easiest ways you can earn money online as an affiliate marketer. You only have to get people to opt-in (fill out a form with their information) and become a lead. No sales!

Why do companies pay for leads? Because they are valuable. You are building their list of potential new customers. Most companies have already calculated the lifetime customer value, so paying a couple bucks per lead is really cost-efficient on their end.

Are you looking for a legitimate pay-per-lead opportunity that allows you to earn easy money without selling anything whatsoever? That’s exactly what you get with James Jordan’s Pay-Per-Lead opportunity. You can get paid per free lead without ever selling anything. This is one of the best pay-per-lead affiliate programs in the internet marketing niche that I’ve ever seen since I’ve been online.

This is a very long-standing PPL offer that I’ve been promoting for several years. It’s not a fly-by-night opportunity. From my understanding, James is in the business of selling solo ads on his website

James is an internet marketer looking for quality traffic to his Make Money Now offer, which is a simple and generic lead capture page about earning money online. The key here is quality traffic.  He doesn’t want traffic from safelist mailers, traffic exchanges, PTC sites, Fiverr, etc.

***By the way, I am NOT an affiliate of James Jordan’s (he doesn’t pay for referring new affiliates to his affiliate program***


Who This is For

That means if you have your own blog, website, or email list, then you are the ideal candidate to participate in this pay-per-lead program. If not, just don’t even bother because he tracks the traffic meticulously and will ban your account and forfeit your commissions. Especially if he detects any fraud.

Here are some ways you can promote his offer:

  • Banner ad on your blog/website
  • Send email to your list
  • Set up autoresponder series using the swipe emails he provides
  • Place banner or link in your thank you page after subscribers opt-in


How Much Do You Earn

The good news is that James will pay you a flat $2 per double-opt-in lead and there is no limit to how much you can earn. The leads must come from top-tier countries such as Canada, UK, USA, and Australia (to ensure the most buyers for his solo ads).

Again, these are just free opt-ins, not sales! You are just collecting their names and email addresses, that’ all. It’s really simple.

If you’re approved, you will get instant access to your own personal referral link and marketing material including…

  • Swipe emails
  • Banners of all sizes and designs
  • Text links

Once you earn at least the $10 minimum, you’ll receive your earnings via Paypal on a net-30 basis. If you don’t meet the minimum, your commissions with just roll over to the next month.

Every month you’ll also receive stats with your opt-ins and commissions for that month. There is no back-office for affiliates to check stats.


My Payment Proof (Updated 12/18/19)

I did receive my affiliate commissions upon reaching the $10 payment threshold. See below:



Apply Now

This PPL opportunity is legit and could be a great addition to your online income portfolio. If you can provide quality traffic to his Make Money Online offer, go ahead and apply on this page (scroll to the bottom).


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