How To Make Quick Cash Online With Instant-Pay Affiliate Programs

If you’re wanting to make quick cash online without having to wait for weeks or months to receive your commissions, you may want to consider affiliate programs that allow you to collect payments instantly from your referrals.

Although a lot of people gravitate toward these types of programs, they are not suited for everyone. Read on to learn more about these programs as well as their advantages and disadvantages. This post is an honest assessment that most internet marketers promoting these types of programs don’t want to be transparent about because they want to take your money and run.


What Are Instant-Pay Affiliate Programs

While most affiliate programs pay affiliates monthly or sometimes weekly, instant-pay affiliate programs allow affiliates to accept payments directly and instantly from their referrals.

Sometimes these programs require affiliates to use certain payment processors, such as Paypal (which is NOT a good choice for direct-pay affiliate programs). Others allow affiliates to choose the method by which they are paid, which is ideal.

Stripe,, Square Up, Payoneer, cash apps, and dozens of other online payment processors are available to affiliates for collecting commissions. Paypal is notorious for freezing accounts, so it’s not recommended for direct-pay programs where commissions are sent member-to-member. I do use Paypal to get paid from some affiliate programs, but the commissions are paid directly from the owner or admin of the site – not from members.

Most MLM or network marketing companies (actually none that I know of) are instant pay, so members are forced to wait for weeks to get paid. The best MLM I know of pays weekly and you can read more about it here. My point is that if you want to have more control over your money and promote something that pays quickly and immediately on the side of your passive income, instant-pay affiliate programs may be a good fit to add to your online portfolio. I prefer to have both instant pay and passive income.

Many of these affiliate programs that pay instantly are in the internet marketing or affiliate marketing niche. If you are wanting to build an online business around more tangible niches such as gardening, kids toys, health and wellness, etc., then you are not likely to find instant-pay affiliate programs in those niches.


Advantages of Instant-Pay Affiliate Programs

There are many advantages of using these affiliate programs:

  • Get paid immediately
  • No middleman controlling your payout on a net-30 or weekly basis
  • No waiting for your commissions if you need to pay bills soon
  • Ability to choose the method by which you are paid (in some cases)
  • Deal with higher-ticket commissions in many cases
  • See profits from your efforts right away, which builds confidence in yourself and ability become successful online
  • Serious income potential in a short period of time since many people are looking for fast cash programs, meaning lots of prospects for you IF you understand how to promote
  • No worrying about losing your recurring income when your referrals quit a membership since you are paid once upfront


Disadvantages of Instant-Pay Affiliate Programs

There are some disadvantages, as well, and these should be considered before you join any instant-commission program:

  • Pay-to-play: you will often have to purchase the software or program yourself in order to become an affiliate
  • Some these affiliate programs are cash-gifting schemes in disguise or just flat-out scams and are shut down by the FCC
  • Since you will get getting paid directly from your referrals, you may have to deal with charge-backs if they can’t recall purchasing from you or don’t recognize the purchase from you on their statement
  • No passive income (in most cases), so you have to keep selling over and over to maintain your income
  • You may be responsible for activating your referrals’ membership once they purchase from you, or they could think the income opportunity is a scam and file a charge-back OR smear your reputation on the web
  • You won’t earn money with these programs (or any affiliate program) unless you understand how to promote


If you do decide to move forward and join an instant-pay affiliate program, make sure you choose one that is suited for your budget (don’t spend your entire paycheck in hopes you’ll get rich in a few weeks). Also, find a program that you will find useful. Don’t buy a product just because of the income you think you’ll earn – make sure you will be able to use the product. Otherwise, you are just participating in a cash-gifting scam. There should be a real product (see what I recommend below).


What I Recommend

After spending years researching the latest programs, I have seen many come and go.

> See my recommended instant-pay opportunity

What to expect from this program:

  • Real viable software needed by business owners
  • Paypal account NOT required (you choose your payment methods)
  • Not cash-gifting scheme or scam
  • Unlimited income potential
  • Direct payments (no middleman)

By joining with me as your sponsor, you will also get access to special training and bonuses including custom lead capture pages, autoresponder campaigns, traffic sources, and 1-on-1 help.

If you’ve decided instant-pay affiliate programs aren’t for you, but you want to get started with a free passive income opportunity, click here.

I hope you found this post useful! Please comment below with your opinions.


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