How to Promote Your Affiliate Products with LeadsLeap

If you’re a new affiliate marketer, you may be wondering how to promote your affiliate products and offers online. The method you should decide to use to promote your affiliate products or offers largely depends on your marketing budget. Unless you have a large budget to allocate to your online marketing promotions, you may have to learn free or low-cost promotion methods such as Youtube marketing or blogging. However, these methods do take time to see results in most cases.

Fortunately, there are other alternatives to more time-consuming content marketing strategies. LeadsLeap is one of those budget marketing alternatives.


Watch How To Advertise On LeadsLeap!

The following video hows how to start advertising on LeadsLeap today!


Get Targeted Advertising On A Budget

This advertising platform has been around since 2008 (over 12 years) and has over 119,000 members from around the world for you to promote your affiliate offers to. These members are interested in making money online, affiliate marketing, network marketing, and such related topics. Therefore, very targeted advertising if you’re promoting these types of affiliate offers. If you’re trying to promote other types of affiliate offers, you’re likely to have limited or less that optimal results at LeadsLeap.


4 Ways You Get Exposure To Your Affiliate Products/Offers

LeadsLeap offers four ways to get advertising to your affiliate offers or products:

  • Free ad posting throughout the site and network with exposure to thousands of members
  • Free search engine traffic from their Social Review Directory, which ranks very high on Google
  • Free 10-level network builder, which allows you to get VIRAL traffic to your ads on autopilot
  • Their Pay-Per-Click campaigns show your ads on the widgets posted on thousands of LeadsLeap members’ sites


LeadsLeap Affiliate Program Rocks!

Another cool thing about LeadsLeap is their very lucrative affiliate program, which is available to both free and Pro members alike! Free members earn 25% RECURRING monthly commissions on their direct referrals’ memberships (Pro upgrades), while Pro members earn 50% RECURRING monthly commissions! This is huge. I’ve been paid several times, currently totalling over $200.


Free or Pro Membership??

The truth is that both free and Pro memberships at Leadsleap are extremely valuable. You never have to upgrade to Pro, but you do get a lot more benefits by upgrading to Pro.  The cost to upgrade is $27 per month.

Here are a few benefits of going Pro:

  • Your ads are automatically shown throughout the Leadsleap network with no action on your part (no credits needed)
  • You can post 10 ads instead of 3
  • You earn 50% recurring monthly commissions instead of 25%
  • and more!


Join LeadsLeap

As you can see, there is nothing to lose by trying LeadsLeap as a free member! Then, if you like the results you’re getting, maybe think about upgrading to Pro and increasing the results you’re getting. Get started right here.


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