How to Use Forums To Get Free Traffic & Leads

Forums are NOT dead! They have been overlooked as a method of getting FREE traffic and leads to your opportunity. If you’re on a limited marketing budget, you may want to try out forums to see the results.

If you’re not familiar with forums, they are just site where members gather and discuss certain topics, usually around a certain subject. In this case, you want to join a forum that’s related to your program or opportunity. For example, if you’re promoting an income opportunity, you’ll want to join a forum where the members are interested in earning money online.

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How You Get Exposure

The main way you can get exposure through forums is through your signature line. You can usually update your signature line in your settings or profile within the forum. Your signature line is where you can place links to your opportunity.

Whenever you post in the forum, your signature line will display below it. That means if that thread gets a lot of interaction and views from the members, your post and signature line can get hundreds or thousands of views.

Here is an example of how my signature line appears under my post in a forum:

Here’s the important part: Post quality responses that offer value to the thread conversation. Your reputation in the forum is built around the quality of your responses. By showing that you’re an honest and viable person, they will be more likely to want to click on your signature line.

The more active you are in a forum, the more chance your signature line will get seen. You can’t expect to post a couple of times a month and get big results. Posting once a day or a couple of times a week is usually sufficient.

Another way you can get exposure through forums is through organic SEO. Search engines often pick up forum threads, so that can equal massive exposure. This is automatic, hands-off traffic that doesn’t involve any effort on your part.


Forum Tips

Since you don’t want to get warnings or kicked out of forums, you’ll want to be careful of what you’re posting. Here are some general rules of thumb to keep in good standing with forum admins:

  • NEVER promote your opportunity (website, affiliate links, etc.) in your forum posts. That is considered spam. All promotions should be placed in your SIGNATURE LINE (read above). 
  • AVOID bashing other people, opportunities, and businesses in forums. It’s okay to be honest, even if the truth is negative, but make sure you have substantial evidence. Don’t just blow hot air and say things you may regret later.
  • Respect the opinions of other members and keep your responses polite (don’t be demeaning or condescending).
  • Make sure to read the forum rules, which may vary, and stick to them.


Where To Find Forums

You can easily Google free forums and find them. So if you’re looking for work at home forums, you can Google “work from home forums” and see what comes up. This applies to any niche.

Marketing Checkpoint is my favorite internet marketing forum. The admin is an experienced internet marketer, and this forum is very active. The members are interested in traffic sites, lead generation, and online opportunities.

Start A Profitable Blog

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