LeadPagePlus Free Capture Page Builder Review: Pros & Cons

I recently signed up for a free account with a new lead capture page builder system called LeadPagePlus. I thought it looked very interesting and decided to explore this system to see all it has to offer. In this post, I’m going to provide a full review (pro and cons) on this system from my perspective.

Feel free to watch my video review where I walk you through the entire software.

UPDATE 7/2/20:

The seller has been unresponsive to my inquires about my affiliate commissions owed through JVZoo. I’ve emailed him twice and have heard no response. I find this strange since I have emailed him before regarding a question about this system and he responded immediately. I contacted JVZoo Support and they basically said this is an issue that needs to be worked out between me and the seller.



The banner ad that attracted me to this sytem looked like the one below. I immediately wanted to try it out and see for myself how I could get paid by giving away a free capture page builder!



Built-In Income Opportunity

The first thing I noticed when I logged in is that this system allows you to promote 25Dollar1Up. I am not a member of this program, but Lead Page Plus is designed to help you build this business automatically. I am not a fan of this income opportunity and don’t plan on joining it.

You obviously do NOT have to sign up for 25Dollar1Up to use Lead Page Plus, but if you don’t and you are actively referring people to this system, you probably will miss out on income. Again, this is optional to use.

I decided to skip this part altogether.


Funnel Builder

As a free member, you can create up to 5 capture pages, but no bridge pages. I think that is unfortunate, but you can still get around using a bridge page by sending opt-ins directly to your opportunity. While this is not ideal, it is an option.

Upgraded members can create up to 50 capture pages and 50 bridge pages. This is probably sufficient for most marketers who only promote a couple opportunities, but those who create funnels for many different offers may find this limiting.


Builder Functionality 

I LOVED the simplicity of the capture page creator! It’s really easy to set up and use the graphics, backgrounds, and buttons provided by the system. You can also add custom backgrounds, text, graphics, videos, and very easily.

The process of creating a capture page is my favorite part of this system. I really loved using the capture page builder and the pages turn out looking very professional!

>> See an example of a capture page I created here



You can integrate this system and your funnels with 3 different autoresponders:

  • Aweber
  • GetResponse
  • TrafficWave

It’s very easy to integrate these autoresponders in the system with just a few clicks. IF you don’t want to integrate an autoresponder, simply select to have your leads put into the system, where you can find a list of your opt-ins under “My Leads”.

Upgraded members can export these leads, while free members cannot. However, you can still manually add them into a 3rd part autoresponder if you choose. But you cannot copy and paste them! (I’ve tried). That’s not cool.


Traffic & Resources

There is a built-in resources section that allows UPGRADED members to insert their affiliate links for the following traffic and resources sites:

  • Aweber
  • GetResponse
  • ClickMagick
  • Screencast-o-Matic
  • TrafficForMe.com
  • MLMLeads.com
  • SMSPhoneLeads.com

Many of these are FREE to join as an affiliate, which is great because you can earn passive income from many of these affiliate programs. These are all viable resources that can help your downline succeed in their businesses.

Unfortunately, free members can NOT plug in their affiliate links. You have to upgrade to unlock this feature.


Affiliate Program

You can refer new people to Lead Page Plus and get paid recurring monthly commissions through JV Zoo. Both free and upgraded members can participate in this referral program.

The first month you will earn 60% commission and each following month you’ll earn 50% recurring ($10 per month). This could be very lucrative if you refer a lot of people to this free system.


Upgrade Fee & Features

If you choose to upgrade and unlock all the features available only to upgraded members, the cost is $20 per month or $117 annually (currently). You would save $87 by choosing the annual option. I think the price is very affordable and fair for all you get with this system.

Here is a chart that explains what you get as a free versus upgraded member:



My Final Thoughts

I think this is a wonderful free system for anyone wanting to build a limited number of funnels easily without any technical skills. I found the process of creating the capture pages very enjoyable, actually. I love how the pages looks (very professional) and the integrations are very smooth and easy to set up.

I think newbies as well as professional marketers can benefit from this system – ESPECIALLY if you are already in 25Dollar1Up. This is grow your income if you promote this free system!

However, on the downside, there are limitations to this system (only 50 capture and bridge pages as an upgraded member) and there are only 3 autoresponder integrations.


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