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Looking for a way to rotate unlimited links – 100% free?  I recently stumbled upon a new site called TopDogs Rotator. Created by Maryanne Myers, who is a long-time internet marketer and programmer, TopDogs Rotator is really worth checking out. Lets dive into the url rotator features of this site. 

I really wanted to share this with you because I know a lot of sites charge for a link rotator and their rotators have big, ugly ads on them.


Why Use A Rotator?

If you’re not familiar with link rotators, they allow you to rotate many links by promoting just one link. So each time you visit that rotator link, another site within that rotator will be displayed. Why would you want to use a link rotator?

  • You’re a team leader who is rotating all of your downline members’ links to build your network marketing team and help everyone get sign-ups
  • You simply have several income opportunities you are promoting in traffic exchanges and want to keep it simply by having ONE link, instead of promoting 10 separate links.

These are just a few examples of why you would use a rotator.


Is There A Cost?

No, there is no cost whatsoever to use TopDogs Rotator link rotator tool. You  never have to upgrade to use the rotator. Free members can add unlimited sites to their rotators. You can easily add links to the rotator with the click of a button. Just click “Add Sites to Rotator”.


Rotator Features

Here are the many cool features of this free rotator. Here’s a list:

  • Add unlimited sites – anything except porn
  • NOTHING is shown at the top of your site (no distractions from your site). Your website is shown 100% except for a tiny box* in the corner that disappears after a few seconds.
  • UNBREAKABLE frames that work perfectly.
  • You can actually earn website visitors to your rotator by viewing micro ads on the TopDogs site.
  • Easy add, pause, and delete links with the rotator with the click of a button.

*This tiny box is the TopDogs logo and directs to your TopDogs’ referral link (it’s built-in). This allows you to get referral commissions if people sign up and upgrade. 



You can also purchase traffic ad packs from TopDogs Rotator at very affordable, lifetime prices starting at just $47. I won’t go into all the traffic options because this post is about the rotator. However, I have seen great reviews about the traffic and you can expect the best with site owner Maryanne Myers.



I personally use TopDogs Rotator for my link rotations and recommend it. You have nothing to lose, just try it out. There’s no cost to sign up and use the rotator feature. It works really smoothly and you will not be disappointed. This is your best option for a url rotator.

Click here to sign up for free


Affiliate Disclosure: This post may contain my affiliate links, which means if you decide to buy a product or service through these links, I will earn a commission. This has no effect on your purchase whatsoever and you won’t pay more. Thank you for your support and I aim to continue providing you with quality content!

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