Promote 10 Affiliate Links At Once with My Viral Affiliate Site!

If you’re wanting to promote several opportunities at once, I recommend using a viral referral builder called My Viral Affiliate Site. This site is 100% free to join and it’s been around for many years, run by a reputable admin. If you’ve never used a referral builder, read on to learn how they can benefit your online business.


Why Use A Viral Referral Builder?

Viral referral builders are tools that allow affiliate marketers to display multiple opportunities or offers at the same time while promoting themselves – with just ONE link. You can get more bang for your advertising, in some cases, by promoting a viral referral builder page, such as My Viral Affiliate Site, than promoting each of your offers individually.

As you can see below, here is my own page at My Viral Affiliate Site. It displays all my favorite opportunities in one page, also branding myself with my photo, website, and social media info.


How My Viral Affiliate Site Works

First of all, there is NO cost to join My Viral Affiliate Site and use this tool. You’ll be able to promote your favorite 10 offers, including:

  • 5 text ad links
  • 4 – 125×125 banner ads
  • 1 – 468×60 banner ad

PLUS.. your blog, Facebook page, and Twitter page! All of these links will be display on your My Viral Affiliate Site website that you can promote wherever you usually promote online.



Members can also set up advertising in the form of banner ads, solo email ads, traffic link ads, navigation ads, and login ads. You can accumulate points to exchange for these ads OR you can upgrade for a one-time fee of $47 (Elite) or $97 (VIP). Then you’ll get advertising points added to your account each month for life.


Viral Effect

The viral aspect of this site is also worth mentioning. All of YOUR personal referrals will see your top 10 recommended links within their My Viral Affiliate Site account! This can really create a lot of exposure to your links if you refer a lot of people.

Watch my overview of My Viral Affiliate Site below…


How To Join

If you want to join (free), you can sign up for My Viral Affiliate Site here.


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