Safelist Mailers: Effective or Useless Traffic?

There’s a lot of controversy around safelist mailers these days. Some internet marketers dismiss them are completely ineffective, while others can’t live without them. So what’s the truth in the matter? Unfortunately, it really depends on many different factors, such as what you’re promoting and which safelist you use.


What Are Safelist Mailers?

If you’re not familiar with safelist mailers, they are sites you join for free that allow you to email the entire database of members. In order to send out your mail to the list (people who have willingly opt-ed in), you must accumulate credits by viewing other members’ emails and click the links within those emails to display their chosen opportunity for a specific amount of time.

You are not technically spamming people with emails because they have opted into the safelist and are fully aware they will be receiving emails from other members. Thus they are called “safelists” – they are safe and you don’t have to worry about risking your own email account or autoresponder. Mail is sent through the safelist’s servers.

Essentially you are trading views (you see my opportunity, I’ll see yours). Those who think safelists are ineffective point to the fact that the traffic is low quality because all members are just trying to get their ads seen. However, many of these members are open to new similar opportunities and often join something they find interesting or new. This is why many marketers continue using safelists year after year!

Some safelist mailers have been around for many years and have thousands of members.

Upgrading Option

Most safelists give you the option to upgrade and reach thousands of members without ever having to read other members’ emails again. This can save you a lot of time and energy if you have the money to upgrade. I only recommend upgrading if you are already familiar with the safelist and have received results as a FREE member first.

Benefits of upgrading in a mailer:

  • Reach more members and increase your leads, sign-ups, and sales
  • Save time and eliminate the boredom of endless clicking
  • Affordable monthly, yearly and sometimes lifetime upgrades


Why Use A Safelist?

To key to success with internet marketing in virtually any niche is through having an email list of subscribers who are engaged and interested in your website or brand. New internet marketers often don’t have a list or understand how to build a list, so safelist mailers are instant lists you can use anytime. 

Are they as effective as having your own personal list?? No, they are not. You don’t know the safelist members who are receiving your emails, so you won’t get the level of response as if you send an email to your own list. They are essentially strangers. I recommend using TrafficWave for building a list.


Key Factors To Consider

Safelist mailers are not for everyone! Below are some key factors to consider before signing up for a safelist.


Specific Target Audience 

The people who use safelist mailers are interested in network marketing, online income opportunities, lead generation, traffic generation, etc. They usually don’t care about any other niche. If you try to use safelist mailers for any other niche other than those above, then you are likely wasting your time and money.


Mailers Are A Numbers Game

It’s a numbers game when you use mailers, so the more members you reach, the better results you’ll get. They say a 2% open rate is about average, although some safelist mailers deliver up to 5% open rates. So, it’s essential you are using safelists with thousands of members to ensure you are getting viable results.

Newer safelist mailers may only have a couple of thousand members, but those members might be very responsive members. Even so, I try to avoid those safelists because I’ll eventually run out of new members viewing my opportunity. Some marketers do get good results from the newer safelists, so it really depends on the situation. Some of the smaller safelists have more responsive members than the larger ones, as well.


Lead Capture Pages Are Ideal

You definitely want to be building your own subscriber list when you use safelist mailers. People rarely buy on the first exposure anyway, so it’s foolish to promote your sales page. Always use lead capture pages to collect leads and have that ability to follow up with them indefinitely. I use LeadPagePlus lead capture builder (No Cost) for this and integrate it with Get Reponse for follow-up messages.


Ad Copy Is Important

Keep it short, sweet, and to the point when using safelist mailers. Most people are trying to rush through the emails and accumulate as many credits as possible to send our their message, so don’t torture them with a long email!


Consistent Use Is Key

Sending out your mail daily is a big MUST if you want to see results. You can’t just use mailers once or twice a week and expect to get results. You must use them daily and get your ad out to thousands of members on a regular basis.


TRACK Your Results

I always recommend tracking your ads so you can see which safelist mailers are performing and which ones aren’t. Some safelists are better at preventing cheat clicks and bots, so it’s important to always track each ad you submit. This is spare you lots of time and frustration.

I personally use and recommend Leads Leap (free) for tracking all your ads. You’ll be able to see which safelists are getting the most unique views, clicks, and responses.


The Bottom Line

The bottom line is there are both pros and cons of using safelist mailers. They aren’t for everyone and YES, they can be a total waste of time if you are making these mistakes:

  • Promoting an irrelevant niche (outside of MLM, earning money online, traffic, lead generation, crypto)
  • Not using a lead capture page to collect leads and putting them into your own list
  • Not using safelist mailers consistently
  • Not tracking your ads
  • Not reaching enough members daily (several thousand)

Safelist Pros

  • Free to join and use forever
  • Low-cost upgrades (cheap advertising compared to PPC and others)
  • Reach thousands of members per day
  • Grow your own list
  • Potentially get signups and sales
  • Easy to use

Safelist Cons

  • Receive thousands of emails from members (ALWAYS use a separate Gmail account for safelists)
  • Very time-consuming if you don’t upgrade
  • Members are hoping to get signups in their own opportunities, so may not always be open to new ones
  • Some safelists are better than others, some are less responsive.

What has your experience with safelists been? Comment below!

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