SMS Phone Leads Payment Proof 2019

Today I want to share with you a fantastic little online business called SMS Phone Leads. You can read my full review here, but this post is just to share with you my personal experience. There’s a link to join at the bottom on this post if you wish to!

My partner, Kevern, joined SMS Phone Leads several months ago and we didn’t really even promote it. I wrote a review on this blog and posted a couple ads on LeadsLeap, but we didn’t spend any money on paid traffic.

Just recently he started making $30 sales from people we’ve never even spoken with. We’re not even sure where the leads came from, but we’re really excited about the potential of this simple system. SMS Phone Leads is a low-ticket program with a viable product that marketers need, so it converts very well. Seriously, this funnel is amazing.

To get paid, you simply connect your Stripe account to SMS Phone Leads and the system handles everything. You don’t have to manually approve payments of do anything.. the sales go directly into your Stripe account automatically. There’s no middleman or admin approving the payments! Nobody touches you money (except Stripe taking their little processor fee).

Here’s some payment proof so you know that SMS Phone Leads is not a scam, but a legitimate program that really works. I’ve blacked out the customerss info for their privacy:



The image below is a RECURRING monthly commission for the SMS Blaster (50% of $33 per month)!


Earning Potential

You will typically earn $20 or $30 sales, with the potential to earn some recurring income when your referrals purchase the SMS Blaster. The earning potential is unlimited and you can definitely earn $500 or more week if you really work this thing and promote it.

I’m currently getting ready to promote this in My Lead Gen Secret. I’ve already been using the system and I think those lead will really go for this since it’s such as LOW investment. I’ll keep you posted on my results!


Join Now

With such a low investment and great product, you should definitely get your hands on this system if you haven’t already! We highly recommend it because it’s a solid, quality product (read more about it here) and it sells really easily. Start getting paid instantly online with SMS Phone Leads!



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