SMS Phone Leads Review


SMS Phone Leads is a 24-hour voicemail prospecting system that allows you to earn 100% instant commissions AND passive income by selling the system to other marketers and business owners (offline and online).

It’s a perfect low-ticket program for both newbies and experienced online marketers alike! I will go into more detail with the commission structure further down, but it’s the best of both worlds (instant upfront + monthly recurring)!


What You Get With SMS Phone Leads

  • Your own virtual SMS mobile number
  • Instant automated text message reply
  • 1-click callback for your voice messages
  • 100 text message credits
  • Report (optional upsell)
  • Custom bridge page (optional upsell)
  • SMS blaster (optional upsell)
  • Ability to promote any business opportunity
  • Earn 100% instant commissions to your Stripe account
  • Earn 50% monthly recurring commissions

How SMS Phone Leads Works

This simple system, which is available internationally, uses your virtual SMS mobile number (provided to you) to attract and generate new leads 24/7. When people dial or text your SMS number provided to you, they will immediately receive your automated text reply with your website, blog, lead capture page, video, etc.

**You can promote anything you want including MLM, direct sales, online opportunities, brick-and-mortar businesses, any type of business that needs new leads on a constant basis. 

You can also set up mailboxes that deliver information automatically, turning your SMS number into a 24/7 prospecting machine. Prospects will be able to either leave a message or connect with you directly.

The system allows you to listen to all your voice messages in your mailbox and call them back if you choose.


The SMS Blaster

An optional add-on, the SMS blaster includes business opportunity leads with your account and the ability to send SMS blasts to 200 per day. This is an optional fee of $33 per month. If you require a larger volume, contact support to have that arranged.


Where To Use Your SMS Phone Number

Advertise wherever you normally would – online or offline – just add your virtual SMS number to the ad. Anywhere you want to PRE-QUALIFY prospects!

You can promote your SMS number on:

  • Classified ads (like Craigslist)
  • Magazine ads
  • Postcards
  • Email follow-up messages
  • Ringless voice drops
  • Your blog or website
  • Business cards
  • etc.


Earning Potential

Once you purchase SMS Phone Leads, you will be able to resell the system and earn 100% instant commissions directly to your Stripe account. It takes about 15 minutes to set up a free Stripe account. If you’re not familiar with Stripe, it’s an online payment processor that automatically deposits your funds directly into your bank account.

Commission Structure (Instant Pay)

Front-end offer (the SMS system) – you earn $20

Phone funnel (optional upsell) – you earn $10

Instant SMS blaster (optional upsell) – you earn $16.50 monthly recurring



How You’re Paid

You must have a Stripe account (get one here).. it’s 100% free. Once you join SMS Phone Leads, you will be prompted to connect it with your Stripe account. You must do so before you start promoting your affiliate link, otherwise you won’t get your commissions!

Payments are made directly and instantly into your Stripe account. Here’s our payment proof below:



Training & Support

You will find extensive training on how to set up your SMS Phone Leads account within your back-office after you join. There are several videos that walk you through the system and explain all the features.

Email and phone support is also available to you if you have any questions.


How To Join

Joining SMS Phone Leads is very simple and self-explanatory.

You create an account and make your payment of $20 (one-time required). You’ll also be given the option to pay the $10 one-time phone funnel fee and the $33/month SMS blaster add-on.

You have these 3 options below to get started:

  • Pay the $20 require one-time fee ONLY
  • Pay the $20 fee + the $10 one-time phone funnel fee ($30 total)
  • Pay the $20 fee + the $10 one-time phone funnel fee + the $33/month SMS blaster ($46.50 total)


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