Survey/Task Cash

The free sites below have daily surveys and offers you can complete for a couple bucks. I wanted to provide this page for people who are really struggling and would like to earn an extra hundred bucks (or so) a month without worrying about marketing or recruiting.

By the way, most internet marketers don’t share these types of sites because they can’t earn big bucks promoting them, just a couple dollars here and there. I wanted to add this page to provide this earning method to those who may be experiencing hardships and unable to invest in programs or opportunities.

Virtually anyone can use these sites to earn money.. literally no skills or investment is required. Just an internet connection and time.

Disclaimer: I am an affiliate for the sites below and will possibly receive a commission when you earn money. This does not come out of your money or affect your earnings in any way. It’s simply a bonus reward from the site. 


Treasure Trooper – Paying members for 13 years, Treasure Trooper has a $20 minimum to cash out. Get a $1 free sign-up bonus. Really fun site with daily surveys and lots of fun ways to earn. I’ve been paid $96.99 from Treasure Trooper so far (see below). Join for free.


Paid Viewpoint – Paying members for several years, Paid Viewpoint has a $15 minimum to cash out. They are my favorite survey site because the surveys are short and you can qualify easily. Sometimes several surveys per day. Join for free.


Inbox Dollars – Paying members for 18 years, Inbox Dollars has a $30 minimum to cash out. I have earned several checks from Inbox Dollars, but don’t have payment proof because it was many years ago. Get a $5 free sign-up bonus when you sign up.


Fusion Cash – Paying members since 2005, Fusion Cash has a $25 minimum to cash out. Note: your earnings will expire after 6 months, so stay on top of your money and don’t forget about your account like I did. I lost a lot of money because I neglected my account. See my payment proof below. Get a $5 free sign-up bonus.


Textbroker – I was paid back in 2013 for writing some content when I was in desperate need of fast cash. This is essentially a content mill, a site that pays writers very little for writing articles. They pay every Friday. I don’t recommend using content mills if you’re a writer unless you have no other options! Check out my payment proof below. Sign up here to start writing.