February 24, 2020

Top 5 Personal Reasons I Joined Heart & Body Naturals

Here’s my story about Heart & Body Naturals (aka HBN) and why I decided to start promoting it. This post will take you through my personal journey when I initially started with HBN back in June of 2019. Why did I decide to promote HBN anyway since there are so many other opportunities?

I was reading my safelist emails as usual when I came across a really interesting lead capture page with a video background. I don’t usually come across such professional-looking and engaging lead capture pages. (See the screenshot below)

I decided to check it out and learn more about what this opportunity was about since I had seen this website quite a few times before in the traffic exchanges.

After I filled out the form and submitted my info, I immediately realized it was Heart Body Naturals. At that time, I had never heard of this company before.

So, I started looking at the website and the product line (see below). I was really impressed by the product line, which was centered around the superfoods, CBD oils, and black seed extract. The more I looked at the product line, I began to realize that this might actually be a viable opportunity for me.

I could see myself using a lot of their products because I take my wellness seriously and try to only use organic product lines.


The next thing I realized was that I had access to several free websites to start promoting. I thought that was pretty cool because most opportunities give you just one website.

For the record, I always create custom lead capture funnels to promote my opportunities to set myself apart and increase opt-ins. But still, I really did like the free lead capture pages the company provided.

But, up until this point, I still wasn’t committed to promoting this opportunity yet. A month passed by and I did nothing. No promoting, no sharing it, nothing.

Then, on July 21st, I got an email from HBN with the subject line “Another Customer Has Joined Your Team…

See the email below…

Keep in mind I had not done ANYTHING at all up until this point. No promoting whatsoever. I was really shocked to get this email because, after 11 years of internet marketing, I’ve never really had this happen below with opportunities I joined.

Then, over the next months, I continued to receive more of these notifications that customers were being placed under me. This is the #1 reason why I decided to start promoting HBN!

4 Other Reasons I Joined Heart & Body Naturals

  • Organic Product Line (Superior Ingredients!) With Dozens Of Consumable Products
  • 100% FREE to Join with NO Monthly Fees, Annual Fees, Or Other Hidden Fees
  • NO Product Order Requirements To Earn
  • Daily Pay In Real-Time!

If you join my team, I can’t guarantee you’ll experience the same exact results that I am. But you will gain access to our team’s private Facebook group with tons of training to help you succeed. You’ll also get access to my personal help and support.

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