Top 10 Free Text Ad Exchanges

Text ad exchanges are another free way to get traffic to your opportunity. They’re often very simple and straightforward to use. With text ad exchanges, you’re just submitting a few lines of ad copy along with the link to your opportunity. Other members can then see your text ad promotion and then click to view your website.

Most text ad exchange members are interested in the make money online / network marketing niche. Here’s an example of what text ads look like:

Here are my Top 10 Free Text Ad Exchanges – All are 100% free to join and use forever.


Note: Keep in mind they often have one-time offers for new members where you can save lots of money on lifetime upgrades. PLUS… Many of these sites have free bonus advertising when you sign up, so make sure to check the front pages of the sites for promo codes before signing up. 

If you have an ad blocking extension running in your browser, you’ll have to disable it temporarily to click ads on these sites.


#1 Recommendation –

This free text ad exchange offers many ways of receiving traffic to your offer. Over 119,000 members! Read my full review here.



1TAE is a popular free text ad exchange owned by long-time internet marketer Maryanne Meyers. Text ads circulate to over 600,000 members, meaning massive exposure to your ad. Get 150 free credits when you join.


Simplicity Ads

I’ve been a member at Simplicity Ads for many years and have gotten good results here. They have nearly 4,000 members and have been around since 2009.


Your EZ Ads

With over 8,000 members, Your EZ Ads is a very established text ad exchange worth trying. I usually get around 3% CTR here. They have also been around for 10+ years now.


Ad Exchange Pro

Another long-standing text ad exchange, Ad Exchange Pro has been around since 2009. You’ll get a free gift worth $75 when you join (free).


Must Have Traffic

Boasting nearly 5,000 members, Must Have Traffic is a free text ad exchange that allows free members to post 3 times daily. It’s been around since 2016 and offers very affordable upgrades.


Text Ad Profits

Text Ad Profits is a free text ad exchange with over 3,000 members. Free members must view at least 5 other text ads before they can post, so this ensures everyone’s ads get seen. Get a free advertising package upon signup (when you use the promo code on the front page of the site).


The Ad Busters

Established in 2009, Ad Busters is a free text ad exchange with nearly 4,000 members. They’ll give you 500 free credits upon signup, so check them out!


Adz Quik

Another long-standing text ad exchange, Adz Quik has been around since 2012 and has over 4,500 members. Here you can post text and HTML ads daily as a free member and get more exposure to your opportunities quickly. Get a free advertising package upon signup (when you use the promo code on the front page of the site).


My Free Text Ads

Adz Quik already has over 4,800 members and has been around since 2008. Free members must click on 10 text ads before posting their own to help everyone’s ads get viewed. Get $75 in free traffic when you join.


My Recommended Traffic & Lead Sources

If you want to check out my full list of recommended traffic and lead sources, click here now. Most are free to join and use.



Text ad exchanges like the ones above are ideal for marketers who want a free or low-cost way to get exposure to their ads. Do you use text ad exchanges? If so, which one is your favorite?


Affiliate Disclosure: This post may contain my affiliate links, which means if you decide to buy a product or service through these links, I will earn a commission. This has no effect on your purchase whatsoever and you won’t pay more. Thank you for your support and I aim to continue providing you with quality content!


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