Top 12 Traffic Sites With Lifetime Upgrades [Best Advertising Value]

Monthly advertising costs can really add up, leaving marketers perpetually seeking cheaper, yet still effective advertising options. Lifetime memberships to advertising sites can save you a lot of money overtime, but only if you invest in established sites!

With a lifetime advertising memberships, you literally pay once and get advertising for life. This can save you thousands of dollars if you are planning on marketing for years to come.

The following advertising sites have been around for at least one year and have reputable owners/admins. Each of these site offer LIEFTIME advertising options. Most of these sites are mailers.


Profits Lion

Owned by long-time advertising site owner/marketer Maryanne Myers of the Webstars2K Advertising network. Upgraded members can send daily to all members and each email ad is guaranteed at least 1,000 visits. Also login ads come with upgraded membership. Get your account here

Lifetime upgrade: $147


Herculist Pro

One of the most popular and long-term mailers of all time (since 1998), Herculist allows upgraded members to mail to over 90,000 members daily. They also offer login ads, solo ads, 1:1 surfing in the Zone, and other advertising to members. The lifetime upgrade is super affordable!  Get your account and $5 sign-up bonus

Lifetime upgrade: $49


Easy Cash 4 Ads

This site is a paid-only advertising site that costs just $19 (one-time). It’s been around since 2016. Members get their ads seen for 25 seconds by their referrals and then circulated around the entire network of members. Also, members earn $10 payments via the 2-up compensation plan. Get your account here

Lifetime upgrade: $19


Free Advertising For You

This very popular advertising site is known for its very responsive advertising. It’s been around since 2017 and offers many ways to advertise including solo ads, login ads, banner ads, and more. The Lifetime Diamond upgrade offers a TON of advertising (including solo ads) is available upon joining AND in the members area under “2nd Chance At OTO Upgrade – Limited Offer” tab. Get your account here

Lifetime upgrade: $77


Cash In On Banners

Get lifetime banner advertising on the long-standing Cash In On Banners site (since 2012). This also has a built in 2-up compensation plan so upgraded members earn unlimited $10 payments. See how you can generate an endless flow of prospects to your sites. Get your account here

Lifetime upgrade: $10


MLM Recruit On Demand

Access unlimited MLM leads for life for just $15 (one-time). This site has been around since 2014. You will be supplied with leads who have been involved in network marketing; their names, phone numbers, and email addresses. Once you work your leads, you can request more – for life. This is best for marketers who aren’t afraid to CALL leads. Get your account here

Lifetime upgrade: $15


Best List Mailer

This safelist has over 16,000 members and has been around for over 5 years. Also owned by Maryanne Myers of the Webstars2K Advertising network, Best List Mailer has an auto-send feature that uses no credits and makes your marketing virtually hands-free. The one-time Platinum upgrade is a great value considering the advertising reach. Get your account here

Lifetime upgrade: $87


List Compass

List Compass launched in March 2019 and features many ways to advertise to hot prospects in the internet marketing niche. It’s a fairly new site, but the owner has been in the advertising business for many years and owns several popular sites. Get your account here

Lifetime upgrade: $67


Cash Juice

This social networking site for marketers allows you to get targeted advertising for free by means of connecting with thousands of marketers around the world. As an upgraded member, you can access exclusive marketing tools, priority advertising, and many other cool feature to grow your business. Get your account here

Lifetime upgrade: $29.50


Hotspot Mailer

A popular mailer since 2009, Hotspot has over 41,000 members and thousands of testimonials. It’s also owned by Maryanne Myers. As a lifetime upgraded member, you get 5,000 credits to mail out daily to the list…for life! Get your account here

Lifetime upgrade: $89.95


Banner Ads That Pay

Get your banners seen by thousands of members and rotated throughout the network. Lifetime Gold Members can add more banners, get 10,000 ad impressions monthly, and earn 50% commissions instead of 20%. Get your account here

Lifetime upgrade: $67


US Largest Safelist

This credit-based safelist mailer boasts over 25,000 members. It’s also been around for several years and offers a lifetime Gold upgrade that provides you with 1,000,000 credits per month and you can send to the entire database. Get your account here

Lifetime upgrade: $99.85


BONUS: Ultimate Upgrade Pass

Get 11 Top Level Lifetime Upgrades for a low one-time fee of $197! You get a Lifetime upgrade pass to the following sites:

* Mail Our List
* Atlas Safelist
* World Traffic Mailer
* Daily Mail Blaster
* Top Of The Class Mailer
* Worldwide TE
* Surf4Quality
* Just Good Traffic
* Bags Of Ads
* TV Traffic Ads
* Track My Sites

Take action and get your pass today.


Did I miss any site you think should be on the lis? Comment below!

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