February 24, 2020

Top 3 Online Traffic Coops for Promoting HB Naturals

Benefits of Traffic Coops

I love traffic cooperatives because they benefit everyone and allow you to really increase your website exposure and marketing efforts without doing any more work on your end. You’re saving a lot of time and often getting better results with traffic coops.

There are several different types of traffic coops available to choose from; some are more geared toward traffic exchanges and others allow you simply purchase ad packs to start receiving traffic very quickly. Most traffic coops are very affordable, as well!

Another benefit of using traffic coops is they eliminate so much work and frustration trying to figure out which traffic sources are the best. Traffic coops actually do that for you, sending you the best traffic from their network.


Below are my Top 3 Traffic Coops for Advertising Online


#1 Pick – The Downliner

If you enjoy surfing on traffic exchanges, The Downliner will become your new best friend. This cooperate eliminates the need to sign up for dozens or hundreds of different traffic exchanges. The Downliner displays your sites on hundreds of traffic exchanges while you promote your coop link on your favorite site(s).


Viral TE Coop

Imagine getting traffic from only the best traffic exchanges without having to surf at all. That’s what you can do at Viral TE Coop. Simply purchase coop credits and experience totally hands-free traffic. If you’re on a budget or still want to surf, you can just surf one or two exchanges a day and receive traffic from hundreds of other exchanges.


Viral Traffic Coop

If you’re looking for a hands-free way to getting signups to your sites, check out Viral Traffic Coop. Owner Darren Olander tests and tracks hundreds of traffic sources and delivers on his best-recommended traffic to your site, saving you hundreds of dollars in advertising if purchased separately from these individual sources. Each coop package costs $25.

Viral Traffic Coop


There are several great traffic coops available for internet marketers to use and start getting more exposure to their sites. Have you used traffic coops? If so, which is your favorite? Please share in the comments below.


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