Top 6 Safelist Mailers Offering Lifetime Upgrades

If you should decide to use safelist mailers, you may want to think about reducing your monthly expenses by choosing a lifetime upgrade option. By opting for a lifetime upgrade, you will save hundreds if not thousands of dollars over time.


Why Do Lifetime Upgrades?

Because you’ll never have to worry about paying for advertising again with that mailer. Send out your mail every day for years without ever pay again. Internet marketers understand that advertising is our biggest expense, so why not completely eliminate any unnecessary costs?  Monthly upgrades are fine, but they are monthly expenses coming out of your pocket on a regular basis.


But, since you are investing more upfront than with a monthly upgrade, you want to make sure the safelist mailer is established and viable – not one that will disappear next month. I recommend you test out that mailer as a free member first. However, many mailers offer very affordable lifetime upgrades starting at around $50, which is around the cost of one solo ad!

Top 6 Safelist Mailers Offering Lifetime Upgrades

(Disclaimer: I am a member of all of these safelists below and use them regularly. Since I’m an affiliate, I will earn a commission from the safelists if you decide to upgrade your membership.)


List Impact

Promote your opportunity to thousands of responsive members at List Impact. Approved and recommended by some of the top internet marketers including Solomon Huey, Darren Olander, and Marty Petrizza, List Impact is a legit safelist mailer designed with your success in mind.

Join List Impact for free and grab a Lifetime Pro or Lifetime Ultimate Upgrade.


Hotspot Mailer

Owned by long-time internet marketer Maryanne Myers, Hotspot Mailer allows you to reach over 42,000 members! This mailer has been around since 2009 and has always been one of my top-performing mailers.

Join Hotspot Mailer for free and grab a Lifetime upgrade for just $90 (one-time) and get 5,000 credits added to your account daily for life!


Herculist Pro

Another long-time mailer that’s very well established, Herculist Pro has over 86,000 members. You can reach 1,000 members per day completely free, or upgrade to their lifetime membership and send your opportunity to the entire member database every day!

Join Herculist Pro for free and grab a Lifetime Gold Upgrade.


Best List Mailer

Another top-performing mailer from Maryanne Myers, Best List Mailer offers completely hands-off email marketing for upgraded members. With over 16,000 members, you’ll be reaching thousands of prospects daily without ever having to log in!

Join Best List Mailer for free and grab a Lifetime Platinum account for just $87.



Email-Hog is a smaller, yet very responsive mailer that’s very well-established and owned by Marty Petrizza, an experienced internet marketer. She guarantees your emails will get at least a 2% CTR, or your mailing credits will be returned back to you.

Join Email-Hog for free and grab the Lifetime JV or First Class Upgrade.


Profits Lion

Maryanne Myers launched this new mailer in May of this year and it’s already got nearly 5,000 members! It features an all-new mailer concept “third-generation email marketing” that allows you to receive hundreds of thousands of visitors to your emails. Each email is guaranteed 1,000 visits at Profits Lion

Join Profits Lion for free and grab the Lifetime Upgrade for just $147.


My Recommended Traffic & Lead Sources

If you want to check out my full list of recommended traffic and lead sources, click here now. Most are free to join and use.



There you have it! My top 6 safelist mailers offering lifetime upgrades! You’ll be lifetime advertising to thousands once you upgrade, saving you thousands of dollars in monthly upgrade fees.


Affiliate Disclosure: This post may contain my affiliate links, which means if you decide to buy a product or service through these links, I will earn a commission. This has no effect on your purchase whatsoever and you won’t pay more. Thank you for your support and I aim to continue providing you with quality content!

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