Traffic Ad Bar Review

What is Traffic Ad Bar?

Traffic Ad Bar is a unique traffic exchange site that’s been around since 2009, so over 10 years now. I remember when it launched – it was huge! Thousands of internet marketers signed up (mainly those who use traffic exchanges and safelists) and I was one of them. I’m still using Traffic Ad Bar because it actually works. It’s one of the few exchanges I still use, in fact.

The point of Traffic Ad Bar is to promote your website. Simple.


How Does It Work?

It’s a free traffic site that works differently than a traditional surf exchange. Yes, there is a timer and you get views to your sites by clicking other member’s ads and viewing their websites for 10 seconds. However, you accumulate points instead of credits. The amount of points you accumulate allow you to work your way up the “ladder” and receive more views.

As you can see in the graph below, the higher the level you reach, the more automated traffic to you get your websites. Each website you promote is listed separately on this ladder. Your goal is to earn enough points to move your site up this ladder system and get more exposure.




Benefits of Using Traffic Ad Bar

Here are 5 reasons to use Traffic Ad Bar:

#1: You’ll get real hits from thousands of members in Traffic Ad Bar who are interested in online opportunities.

#2: You’ll get hits from other traffic exchanges, as well, since Traffic Ad Bar lists member ads on other sites. This means members of other traffic exchanges will be seeing your ads, too.

#3: Your ads will get placed on other websites, as well.

#4: The daily emails that go out have your ads on them, too.

#5: All members can earn commissions by promoting Traffic Ad Bar when their referrals upgrade.


Membership Upgrades

Here’s a screenshot of the membership levels and what you get as a Free, Pro Lite, Pro, and Platinum member. You can remain a free member for life and there is never and pressure to upgrade. However, upgrading comes with the following benefits:

  • Guaranteed website visitors every month (amount depends on the upgrade level)
  • Points are multiplied by up to 2,000% (increase your ladder level much faster)
  • List more website and banners
  • Earn higher recurring commissions when you refer a member who upgrades
  • Priority support
  • and much more


Does Traffic Ad Bar Work?

Yes, it absolutely does. I personally surf 100 sites every day and I average around 2 leads per day. That may not seem like much, but I can call these leads and develop a relationship with them that can result in hundreds of even thousands of dollars in earnings. Plus, they are going onto my personal email list, so I can follow-up with them for months.

Keep in mind I’m still a free member. I’m not currently investing any money into Traffic Ad Bar, although I’m strongly considering it. The reason I made this review is because I recently started back using it and was surprised at the results I was getting. I’ve used many different traffic exchanges over the years and have never got those kinds of results so quickly.


My Recommendation

If you decide to sign up at Traffic Ad Bar, I suggest you start a free member and surf 100 sites every day for 10 days. See what happens. Of course, make sure you’re promote a lead capture page and tracking your results. I use LeadsLeap (free) to track.

I’m planning on upgrading within the new year, so I’m excited to see how that will effect my result at Traffic Ad Bar.


Join Traffic Ad Bar for FREE

Bonus: You’ll get 100,000 points when you sign up for FREE!


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