Generate Traffic & Signups To Your Opportunity

Once you  join a program or opportunity, you will need to get a lot of targeted traffic (visitors) to your website. I highly recommend aiming for free, organic traffic from search engines. Check out Wealthy Affiliate for in-depth training on how to start a profitable blog.

If you want fast, targeted traffic to your instant pay or passive income opportunities, the sites below have been proven to deliver results. Most of these traffic sources are free or offer very affordable monthly upgrade options. See below for more details.

Disclaimer: This post contains affiliate links, therefore I will earn a commission if you sign up and purchase advertising. I only recommend sites I personally use. 

Free Traffic Sources


Top Traffic Exchanges

TE Hoopla 

Free Advertising Rankings

TE Hoopla has been doing monthly independent testing of traffic exchanges* since 2002. They’ve been providing internet marketers with the top ranked traffic exchanges on a monthly basis. Join all the top traffic exchanges for free and earn your credits by surfing OR purchase monthly advertising packages from TE Hoopla starting at $25/mo. Join TE Hoopla for free and sign up for the top ranked exchanges.

*Not sure how traffic exchanges work? Watch my video on how to use TE Hoopla.


Leads Leap

Get free targeted traffic 7 different ways with Leads Leap. You can post ads to be seen in the members area, Leads Leap blog and widget, members area, and more. Pro upgrade is just $27 per month and allows your ads to receive thousands of targeted views each month. Join Leads Leap for free.


List Surfing

List Surfing - Social Advertising Network



I love List Surfing because you can get unlimited traffic to your site by just surfing 50 websites per month. Once you do this, you will qualify to have your site(s) seen by hundreds or even thousands of members within the List Surfing community. They also have a mailer for both free and upgraded members to use. Join List Surfing for free.


Viral Advertising Sites

You can promote these viral advertising sites in traffic exchanges or safelist mailers to start multiplying your website hits.

V Traffic Rush

Real Viral Traffic at!

A free viral advertising site, V Traffic Rush allows you to generate thousands of views to your banner or text ad 7 levels deep! Get real viral traffic with guaranteed views. Join V Traffic Rush for free.

Watch my review of Viral Traffic Rush


Ad Viralizer

This free viral advertising site is brilliant because your ad will rotate down through 6 levels, forcing all your direct referrals and indirect referral to view your ad for 10 seconds before they can join. Great login ads, too! Join Ad Viralizer for free.

Watch my review of Ad Viralizer



IMPORTANT NOTE: Create a separate Gmail account you designate just for safelist mailers when you sign up with these sites as you will receive a lot of emails from other members! You definitely DO NOT want to use your personal email for signing up with mailers.



Email Marketing Evolved!
Established in 2010, SOTAM has over 30,000 members and lots of great advertising options. This is a very responsive mailer that delivers high click-thru-rates consistently. Free members can mail to 500 every  Join State-Of-The-Art-Mailer for free.



Bweeble is very active mailer with thousands of members who do read emails since they can win cash and credits. This is a fun mailer that delivers real results. Join Bweeble for free.


Hotspot Mailer 

Hotspot is a hit mailer with over 41,000 members. I love Hotspot mailer because my emails get read (I track them) and you can quickly accumulate a lot of points by reading member emails. Join Hotspot Mailer for free.


European Safelist

At European Safelist, you can reach over 16,000 members worldwide with your mailings. You can remain a free member or upgrade for as little as $3 per month. Join European Safelist.



Mailsy is a new, very effective mailer that is consistently delivering quality results with online marketers this year. It’s free to join and very simple to use. Low-cost upgrades starting at under $10 per month, very user-friendly platform. Join Mailsy for free.


Paid Traffic Sources


Best Solo Ads

Note: There are many factors that go into solo ads’ performances including your offer, lead capture pages, target audience, and solo ad vendor. If you’re not using a lead capture page to build your list, you will lose money with solo ads since most people will not purchase on the first exposure to your offer.


Udimi - Buy Solo Ads

Get quality clicks to your ads by solo ad vendors who have established list with subscribers looking for home business opportunities. Get $5 off your first solo ad when you sign up for free.


Free Safelist Mailer

Free Safelist Mailer is a great, established mailer with over 46,000 members. This is a cheat-proof safelist that’s worth joining because your mail will be seen by thousands daily. They also offer solo ads to over 40,000 members’ contact emails for just $20! What I love about these solo ads is they go to members’ contact emails and they have to view your ad for 30 seconds in order to receive credits. If they click off your ad, the timer stops. Join Free Safelist Mailer for free.


Affordable Traffic Coop

Max Ad Coop

For just $3 per month, you can get your website seen by thousands of visitors across hundreds of traffic sites. This is the best three bucks you’ll ever spend! Join Max Ad Coop for free.