Free Marketing Lessons

Hello and thank you for joining me in your journey to earning income online. This free marketing training outlines all the methods I personally use to market my online business. Many of these methods are FREE, so you can get started right away. The paid marketing methods below are available options IF your budget allows and are completely optional. However, I do believe an autoresponder & lead capture page builder is an essential foundation to any online business (see Lesson 2). 



Lesson 1: How to Get Access to Unlimited MLM Leads for Life 

Imagine having access to unlimited MLM leads on-demand to call and build relationships with forever? That’s what you get with MLM Recruit On Demand. For just a one-time fee of $15! You will get 100 MLM leads upon signup with your own CRM database for leaving notes. Once you call and leave notes for all your leads, you can request more… forever! Sign up here

Gift to My Team Members (Free Lifetime Access)

I will waive the $15 fee for the upgraded membership of MLM Recruit On Demand system as a “thank you” for being in my downline. Sign up for free here (do NOT upgrade) and make sure to log in once. Please email me ( once you join and provide your name and program you joined me with, such as Evolv. I will then waive your upgrade fee and activate your account.

Watch the video below to learn how this system works!

Note: This method alone (calling your free leads) can be extremely effective if you’re not afraid of the phone and possible rejection. These leads are network marketers -many  are experienced- so you can get real results if you stay consistent. 


Lesson 2 – Part 1: Why You Can’t Get Signups With Corporate Websites (Never Promote Them)

Before you start promoting online, it’s important to understand why you should never promote a company’s replicated website that everyone else is using. This video is from a top earner in several network marketing companies.


Lesson 2 – Part 2: The Foundation For Your Online Business (All-In-One System)

The Conversion Pros in the foundation and an absolute essential to my online business. Anyone who is serious about promoting any opportunity needs to be using lead capture pages and autoresponders (for building a list).

This system allows you to create UNLIMITED lead capture pages, have UNLIMITED autoresponder lists & message, and collected UNLIMITED leads/subscribers. Plus other tools are included such as a free WordPress blog, contact manager, phone app, and more. Watch the walk-through of this system and sign up here.

  • 2-Week Free Trial (No Credit Card)
  • Earn 50% Commissions On Your Referrals’ Upgrades (EVERY online marketers needs this system, including  your downline)
  • Unlimited Lead Capture Pages~Funnels~Autoresponders~Subscribers for $50 per month
  • Get access to my share codes for pre-built pages and autoresponders for your opportunity!
  • Read my full review here


Lesson 3 – Part 1: How To Generate Free Viral Traffic With Traffic Exchanges

If you’re low on cash, but have some extra time (at least 1 hour per day), consider using free traffic exchanges and safelist mailers to generate targeted traffic to your opportunity. Cyber Wheelers is a great FREE resource to help you get unlimited viral traffic. Sign up here

My Top Mailers:

  • Herculist
  • Hotspot Mailer
  • Mailsy
  • Bweeble
  • State-Of-The-Art-Mailer
  • The Lead Magnet
  • European Safelist


Lesson 3 – Part 2: How To Use TE Hoopla To Maximize Your Results In Traffic Exchanges

TE Hoopla is another free traffic exchange resource you can use along with Cyber Wheelers (above). TE Hoopla has been independently testing traffic exchanges for many years, providing updates of the top performing exchanges each month. Learn more below and sign up here.

Optional – You can also purchase advertising packages from TE Hoopla and get automated traffic from the top exchanges without spending time surfing. 

Traffic Exchange Tips:

  • ALWAYS promote lead capture pages when using traffic exchanges! People only have 6 sec (or so) to see your website, make sure you’re capturing leads and following up with an autoresponder (and calling if possible).
  • Surf multiple exchanges at once to get more views in the same amount of time
  • Make sure your computer is protected with an anti-virus while your surf (extra precaution)
  • Stay consistent with your daily efforts in order to see results.


Lesson 4: How To Use LeadsLeap To Generate More Leads

LeadsLeap is one of my personal favorite online marketing tools and traffic systems. It’s 100% free to join and the free membership never expires. The Pro membership is just $27 per month and allows you to generate unlimited leads without doing any work. Watch the video below and sign up here.

Leads Leap Tip:

  • Use or take a screenshot of your website for ad images



Lesson 5 – Part 1: How To Easily Create Marketing Videos (Without Being Seen On Camera!)

Video content is a great way to generate organic, no-cost traffic to your opportunities for months and years to come. Like a blog post, video content stays up forever and can bring in floods of targeted visitors on autopilot. It’s very cost-effective with no financial risk to you.

Content Samurai is a web-based software (no downloading) you can use to create high-quality videos without having to own any cameras or video equipment whatsoever. You can try out of the software for free (no credit card) and see how it works for you. Watch my video below and sign up here.



Lesson 5 – Part 2: How To Upload Your Videos To YouTube

Once you create a video and download it to your computer, it’s time to upload it into YouTube and get it seen! In the video below, I walk you through the process of uploading your video and adding a title, description, keywords, and more.

Optional: I use a keyword tool called Jaaxy (you can get 30 free keywords and try it out here) to find the exact keywords people are searching for on Google in regards to what I’m promoting in my video.


Lesson 6 – How & When To Use Solo Ads To Scale Up Your Online Marketing

If and when your marketing budget allows, consider setting aside a specific amount for solo ads. It’s best to start small and then scale up, testing everything you do. Solo ads are when you pay the owner of an established list to send your link to their subscribers. Watch how to use UDimi below and get $5 off your first solo ad.

Solo Ad Tips:

  • Always promote a lead capture page when using solo ads to capture every lead and follow-up. It’s best to CALL leads if you can, ASAP to build a relationship. If you don’t use a lead capture page, you will lose out on leads and waste money!
  • Start SMALL and scale up ONLY when you see positive results.
  • Track all your links using LeadsLeap (see lesson 4), so you can make sure you’re getting mostly Tier 1 traffic, authentic visitors, etc.


Lesson 7 – How To Use Classified Ads To Grow Your Business



Lesson 8: How To Use SMS Phone Leads To Build Your Business