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You have a lot of options when it comes to working with someone to help you achieve your online income goals. So why should you trust me? Well, I am certainly not special and I’m not a marketing guru earning 7-figures with a huge social media following. There’s a ton of stuff I don’t know, but all I care about is the basics, the essentials to getting results. I will share with you what I believe in and what to expect, so you can determine if what I’m about resonates with you!


I believe in…

No B.S.

I will be straight up with you and let you know that time, effort, consistency, and money are involved in building an online business. Plus, a lot of preservence since most people don’t understand internet marketing and will try to discourage you with “everything online is a scam”. You have to be mentally strong!

I am NOT a hustler like a lot of the online marketers these days promoting their offers everywhere for a quick cash-grab. In fact, this is the reason why I quit several times… because internet marketing felt too slimy. However, I came to the realization that there are ALWAYS both good and bad in every industry – this is no different. You just have to find the few ethical leaders to follow who actually have integrity… and ignore the rest!

I don’t hide anything from you. I show you ALL the steps and explain clearly why they are important. I also show you the expenses… not just the earnings (like most internet marketers flaunt).


Simplicity over Complexities

The world is so full of complexities that I believe in using the most simple techniques whenever possible. That means NOT overwhelming you with a ton of theory and methods. That’s a mistake I made when I first started out… I had a list of countless ways to market with dozens of traffic sites… BIG mistake. I got overwhelmed and then eventually quit. Stick with the basics and stick with what works!


Duplication Is Key

I strongly believe in duplication. My goal is to make everything I do so that you can replicate it. However, I also believe in personal branding and authenticity, but with regards to the processes and tools – duplication is really important. Automation and systems allow us internet marketers to help our downline duplicate our results. For example; sharing our lead funnels!


Being Very Selective

I am extremely selective of the offers I choose to promote and earn money with. I only promote offers that I truly believe in and feel are going to offer real value to people. This is one of the reasons I struggled for many years online… I could not decide on which offers I should promote. A lot of the so-called “gurus” were promoting high-ticket products that I knew where just cash-gifting schemes. At the same time, I wanted so desperately to earn money, but I didn’t feel right compromising my values in doing so.

Here’s what I look for in offers:

  • Solid product or service offering REAL-WORLD value (something people will actually find useful)
  • Longevity of site (well-established and operating at least 3 years)
  • Reputable site owners/admin
  • Fair & lucrative compensation plan (either upfront or passive income.. or BOTH!)
  • Responsive support


Being Resourceful

When it comes to selecting the marketing tools, systems, and traffic I use, I like to get the best value for my money. I don’t believe in wasting money on stuff I don’t need for my business. I’m a lean marketer – no fluff!

However, I don’t believe in being a total cheapsake who just cuts corners on everything. I understand that you get what you pay for, but there is a delicate balance involved. That is why I painstakingly research tools and systems to see which gets the best results at the best prices! When/if you partner with me, you can completely rest assured that you can 100% trust my recommendations on the tools I’m using.


Being Responsive

If you work with me, you will be able to contact me via email at or text me at 708-669-4409 and I will answer your questions and concerns.

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